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Fallout 76: Player Who Spent His Time Helping Others Is Now Supported By His Fans Through A Real-Life Tragedy


David Mudd

We play games for fun and entertainment. Maybe we can’t ever think that it can be a life-saving action too. This is exactly what happened with a Fallout 76 player. He spent his time helping others in the game. Now when he faced a real-life tragedy, his Fallout fans came forward to help him. This gesture moved many people in tears.

But before we go the main story you need to have an idea about the game at first.

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Fallout 76: An ARPG Game

It is Bethesda’s first multiplayer online action role-playing video game. Bethesda Game Studios developed the game and Bethesda Softworks published it. It is a part of the Fallout series. Guy Carver, Patrick Labrie, and Jason Hasenbuhler programmed the game. Fallout 76 came out on the gaming market on 14th November 2018.

It is a multiplayer-only game. Players can play it on MS Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Fallout 76

Plot And Gameplay Of The Game

Fallout 76 has an open world environment in the game. The game also has a special progression system. So the player’s chosen character falls into one of the seven categories. Their level will up when they boost their attributes. Players can even use nuclear weapons too. It will help them change the game’s area temporarily. Fallout 78 has a battle royale mode too.

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Fans Support For Fallout 76 Player To Go Through A Real-Life Tragedy

It may sound like part of the drama, but it’s not. Fallout 76 player Brent “CJ Martin” Fairchild used to help other players in the game as a doctor. He distributed healing items throughout the gaming map to help others. Unfortunately, last weekend his real-life home set on fire. In trying to save his wife and son, Martin got serious burns and inhaled smoke.

Fallout 76

And now it looks the table has turned. Martin, who used to help others, is getting back that favor. His fans are donating thousands of dollars through creating Fallout Community. Anyone can donate in the fundraiser via their Facebook. Till now they got over $4500 for Martin’s family.

However, maybe Martine himself never thought that his good gesture will return to him in such way.