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Fallon, Meyers: The Tonight Show And Late Night Have Stopped Production


David Mudd

So, fans of the Tonight Show and The Late Night Show, we have bad news for you. Hold your hearts, and your tears if you are sensitive and over-emotional. This is an article that can break your hearts. That was a bit over-dramatic, but the news is heartbreaking. The show is not going off-air so don’t worry, but the production will stay on halt till March 30. 

Stopped Just For A Few Days:

Your favourite shows are just going off for some days. Jimmy and Seth are going for a vacation, at their homes. Both the shows will return again, and we hope that you can stay without them for some days.

We know it is not easy, but this time it was necessary. We think that you are smart enough and you see why this is happening. For innocent people, this decision is taken in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Didn’t Expect Shows To Stop Production Because Of COVID-19:

This is getting serious, if a show has to be put on hold for some days, because of a virus. That means things have gotten out of hand.

COVID-19 closed cinemas, resorts and became the reason why prominent singers had to cancel their events, but we didn’t think that Jimmy and Seth would have to stop their shows. Both The Late Night Show and The Tonight Show are popular and get high TRP. The fans must be disappointed with the news, but there is nothing that can we do.

The decision is in favour of the show, and they don’t want their hosts to catch the virus. The world is scared, and so are the artists, no one knows from where it will come, better stay at home and be safe.

Coronavirus Is Getting Dangerous For The Entertainment Industry:

Movies are getting postponed, some are getting cancelled. The filmmakers and the music producers are not able to work because of the situation in the world because of the virus.

Many countries have come under the influence of the virus, and the count is increasing every day. We hope that the entertainment industry finds a way to keep developing new content at this time too.