Falling for Christmas Release Date: Everything You Need To Know Before the Big Release!


Saloni Singh

On October 3 of all days, Netflix blazoned that Lindsay Lohan’s anticipated return to the screen in its forthcoming vacation movie Falling for Christmas is set to debut coming month.

Lohan also verified the news on her particular social accounts writing,” It’s October 3rd. Now mark your timetables for November 10th. Alongside an image of the movie’s sanctioned bill.

A Seasonal Tale of Blowing Love in a Snowy Setting. What Further Could You Want?

Alongside Halloween, the Christmas period is the most film-heavy season of the time and frequently produces each- time classics that families across the world can sit down and enjoy together.

For numerous, the gleeful months are the ultimate occasion to indulge in heart- warming tales of love and wonder that leave the cult with the cute and cuddly feeling that’s so synonymous with Christmas.

It’s no surprise also that, over the last many times, numerous product companies have been pushing Christmas as an important period for their pictures.

Netflix is one of these product companies, staking on the rise in subscription- grounded platforms combined with the rush to Christmastime viewing so numerous of us make in the downtime. In recent times, the likes of The Christmas Chronicles and Klaus have been inarguable successes for Netflix with both suckers and critics likewise.

falling for christmas release date

With that in mind, numerous frequently wonder what will be Netflix’s flagship Christmas film each time, and, back in May 2021, we learned of a new title coming to defenses in Christmas 2022. That title was Falling For Christmas, a definitive Christmastime narrative that’s guaranteed to put a seasonal smile on the face of observers.

 With such a long period of time between advertisement and launch, Falling For Christmas has served from a slow release of information that lends itself to a more sustained stretch of marketing.

Still, with the interest gently beginning to, relatively meetly, snowball as we edge ever closer to Christmastime, further and further suckers are getting eager to learn about the film. Taking all of this into consideration, then’s a comprehensive rundown of everything we know about Falling For Christmas. so far.

Where and When Can I Watch Falling for Christmas?

 As a Netflix original product, it’ll come as no surprise that the film will be released on Netflix. As of yet, it seems as if this will be the only place to watch the film, with no blazoned theatrical release. The film, in order to coincide with the Christmas hype, will be available to sluice on Netflix on November 10, 2022.

 Who Is In Falling For Christmas?

The most notable addition to the cast, and frequently the topmost talking point girding the forthcoming release, is Lindsay Lohan( Mean Girls).

After a delicate decade that involved Lohan battling with numerous particular struggles, the advertisement last time that she’d be making a tableware- screen comeback was met with great applause from numerous suckers. She’ll be playing one of the two leads alongside Chord Overstreet who’s most notorious for his turn as Sam Evans in Glee.

Lohan has a great character in the world of romantic- comedy, with her starring part in the 2006 megahit Just My Luck alongside Chris Pine proving a cult fave among romantic- comedy suckers.

falling for christmas release date

As well as this, whilst shooting the film back in November last time, Lohan got engaged to Bader Shammas which solidified to suckers just how perfect this part would be for her.

During a period of great love in her particular life, Lohan is starring in a film that tackles that veritably same subject, creating a sense of anticipation from the release of the film that it’ll be, if nothing differently, heart- warming. Also appearing in the cast are Jack Wagner( The Bold and the Beautiful), George Young( nasty), Blythe Howard( Walker), and Chase Ramsey( Why Women Kill) as well as numerous other talented players.

 What Is Falling For Christmas About?

 Netflix has released some information that’s guaranteed to excite suckers of both romantic slapsticks and gleeful flicks.

It’s around the Christmas period that kidney homilies and conceptions are frequently at their stylish, with Christmas flicks and, in particular, those that are steeped in love and comedy, recapitulating why these kidney homilies and conceptions are so successful.

The plot follows Lohan’s character who’s a lately engaged descendant who, whilst skiing, has an accident that leaves her with amnesia.

During her rest bite, she finds herself being watched for by Chord Overstreet’s lodge proprietor and his son, with Christmastime love presumably blowing. A impeccably typical narrative that’s sure to delight anyone who’ll watch it, and will give the perfect platform for stars like Lohan and Overstreet to shine.

falling for christmas release date

 Who Is Behind Falling?

 With a kidney like a romantic comedy that has such a deep history within cinema, there’s a position of anticipation from suckers for how the film may turn out.

With that in mind, it’s important for the design to be in safe hands. Director and pen Janeen Damian is someone with applicable experience within the kidney that’s sure to produce a fantastic and satisfying end product.

With a filmography that includes The Christmas Waltz and important Ado About Christmas, it’s safe to assume that, alongside fellow pens Jeff Bonnett and Michael Damian, the film is going to be a megahit this Christmas. As well as this, the significance of the right score on a film of this nature is crucial to its success, with that job also in the able hands of Nathan Lanier.

His recent composition on Home Before Dark was well entered, suggesting that, along with the rest of the blazoned cast and crew, Falling For Christmas is going to be a massive success for Netflix this vacation season.

falling for christmas release date

What’s Falling for Christmas About?

 According to Tudum, the film will follow a hostel descendant named Sierra( Lohan) whose” engagement goes off the rails when she gets into a skiing accident that leaves her with total amnesia.”

Following the accident, Sierra” finds herself in the care of a blue- collar companion and his unseasonable son in the days leading up to Christmas.” Lohan described her character to the outlet as” extravagant, temperamental, glamorous.”

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