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Faizon Love Net Worth 2022: Salary, Bio, Career, Net Worth and More

Langston An African mother and a Cuban father gave birth to Faizon Santisima on June 14, 1968, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. He is of Cuban and African descent. As Faizon Love, he is a stand-up comedian, an actor, and a voice actor. He is arguably most known for his roles in a variety of film and television titles, such as “Bébé's Kids” (1992), “The Replacements” (2000), and “Elf” (2003), amongst others. Faizon Love has also performed as a voice actor. He is also well-known in the film industry for his directing work. Since 1992, he has been working in various capacities within the entertainment sector.

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The success that Faizon Love has had in the entertainment industry as a professional actor, comedian, and director has resulted in him amassing a net worth that is reportedly as high as $8 million, according to a number of sources. This wealth was amassed as a direct result of Faizon Love's involvement in the entertainment industry.

As a result of his father's career in the United States Navy and the various relocations that came with it, Faizon Love spent parts of his boyhood in both New Jersey and California. At the age of 15, he debuted as a stand-up comedian for the first time. Faizon's career had already taken off by the time he became 20 years old; he was already performing stand-up comedy in the neighborhood bars at that point in his life.

In addition, he began his career as an actor by participating in a number of productions that were staged off-Broadway. Following his first breakthrough, he made his cinematic debut in the 1995 picture “Friday.” Prior to that, he lent his voice to characters in the films “Bébé's Kids” (1992) and “The Cartoon Cartoon Show,” both of which aired on television (1995). In the same year that Faizon made his first public appearance, he was cast in the role of Wendell Wilcox in the television series “Parent Hood,” which ran from 1995 to 1998. This role not only contributed significantly to Faizon's rise in wealth, but it also helped propel him to the forefront of the public consciousness. Before the new millennium began, Faizon appeared in a number of movies and television shows, including “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate” (1996), which starred Martin Lawrence and Regina King in the leading roles; “Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood” (1996); and “The Players Club” (1998).

His career took off to an entirely new level at the start of the new millennium when he landed roles in movies and television shows such as “The Replacements” (2000), in which he starred alongside Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman; “Elf” (2003), in which he co-starred alongside Will Ferrell and Bob Newhart; “Idlewild” (2006); “Made” (2001); and “Couples Retreat” (2009).

To further elaborate on Faizon's achievements in the entertainment business as an actor, he has been seen in the movie “White T” (2013), “November Rule” (2015), and “Brotherly Love” (2015), among a number of other films. The fact that he will be appearing in the next flicks “Social Redemption,” “Friendship Day,” and “Ripped,” all of which are slated for release in 2016, will unquestionably result in an increase in the total magnitude of his net worth.

Faizon has also attempted his hand at directing, and so far he has only produced one film, a comedy documentary titled “Tao Of The Golden Mask” (2007), for which he was awarded the Action on Film Award for Best Comedy. In the media, very little is known about Faizon Love's personal life, with the exception of the information that he had a relationship with Kali Hawk in 2009. Sources claim that he is not in a relationship at the present time. In his spare time, he may be seen updating the official Twitter account he maintains.

Net Worth

Faizon Love is a well-known comedian and actor in the United States, and his net worth is now estimated to be $8 million.


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