Factors to Consider When Renting a Car in Dubai!


Sandeep Singh

Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the entire World. You can explore it using public transport whenever you want as it is laced with many facilities. However, you can never resist exploring it in your vehicle. Only the feeling of driving the car on the vast and clean roads of Dubai is unforgettable. You will never want to miss a chance to enjoy this ride. And hiring the services of a car rental agency is the best way to experience this feeling. You can conveniently find such services all over the emirate. For example, simply search rent a car JLT, Palm Jumeirah, or any other popular community in Dubai, and you will be floored with options.

Rental car agencies of Dubai are worldwide famous for providing all types of cars including luxury, sports, and casual cars. The best side of renting a car in Dubai is that you can enjoy a luxury car ride with your calculated budget. However, it’s crucial to consider some important aspects while renting a car in Dubai to avoid any mishaps or unwanted consequences. These factors are:

Selection of Rental Car Agency

Dubai is just like home to rental car agencies. Therefore, you can find here a lot of rental car centers that offer all types of cars. Some rental houses also provide drivers and tour guides along with the car. But they charge extra for this service. However, there are also some scammers in the form of rental car services.

An authentic and verified rental car center has the permission letter from authorities, and they do not hesitate to show it to the hirer. Moreover, their official website also reflects their market value and customer service level. And you can check these all by going through the customer’s feedback option. For more information, you can join their FAQ session and can solve your doubts and confusion.

Location and Charges of Renting a Car

Rental car agencies provide the vehicle in all locations. You can also hire a car from your home with a single click. Most people want a car at the airport location which charges more than any other location. Therefore, the location of hiring and receiving a rental car is also an important factor to consider while renting a car in Dubai. Try to select the receiving point outside of the airport. And also make sure to select the same place for receiving and returning the car. The reason is that different locations charge extra money.

Communication about the renting charges is also worth considering before finalizing the deal. The reason is that most companies add hidden charges to the final payment slip.

Requirements For Renting a Car

Though renting a car in Dubai is not a big task, every car center asked the customers to fulfill some requirements for renting a car. Therefore, it’s crucial to have complete knowledge of these requirements and ensure their fulfillment. These requirements are:

• National Identity card: to rent a car in Dubai it’s crucial to have an ID card that represents your nationality.

• Passport and Visa: for tourists or visitors a passport and traveling visa are compulsory for hiring the services of rental car agencies. Therefore, make sure to keep your passport along with you.

• Driving License: one of the most important requirements to rent a car is having a driving license. For the people of the United Arab Emirates, it’s essential to have an international driving license. However, tourists from other regions use their national driving licenses to rent a car in Dubai.

Rules and Limitations

Dubai is a city with zero crime rate. The reason is that they have strict rules in all fields of life and every person is bound to follow these rules. Therefore, every rental car house also possesses some rules and limitations that are equally implemented for all the customers. These rules or limitations are:

• The minimum age limit for driving in Dubai is 18-20 years. However, for renting a car the customer must have an age of 22 years or more.

• It’s crucial to know and follow the traffic rules.

• Drinking alcohol during driving is strictly banned

• A rental car is useful only inside the city.

• Not allowed to participate in any sports activities.

To sum it up, for making the rental car process hassle-free it’s essential to select the best renting car agency such as One-Click Drive. It facilitates you at your doorstep with a single click.