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Facebook, Twitter And Google Come Together To Support Drug Addiction Recovery


David Mudd

In these tough times, with the outbreak of a global pandemic, we must support each other. The best example of this would be the Tech together initiative by Facebook, Twitter and Google combined.

What Is This Initiative?

Tech Together is an initiative by the big tech giants who are a part of the non-profit Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies.

This is primarily going to help people who are facing problems related to drug abuse. It is a beautiful concept to aid people in battling this severe problem.

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Major Goal

Social distancing is an essential practice to keep in mind to avoid the risk of coronavirus. Due to this, a lot of support groups have stopped functioning.


Thanks to the developments in technology, we can utilise online aid to help in the recovery process. Mental health is very crucial for humanity, and it is our prime duty to ensure people around us are in a healthy state of mind.

A Word From Marjorie Clifton

Marjorie Clifton is the Executive Director of CSIP, and he quoted the following about the situation,” COVID-19 may have paused our everyday lives, but unfortunately, addiction and substance misuse disorders still exist. More than half of Americans know someone impacted by opioid abuse alone”.

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Twitter’s Help

Twitter has started a hashtag chain, and people can join the recovery conversations through them. It is also providing the facility to share stories in real-time to connect people who are facing similar issues.

As they say, talking about a problem helps. It is a beautiful concept by Twitter to help the people in such desperate times.


More Updates

Google and Facebook are working towards the cause in their own way. Facebook is hosting a bunch of live therapy sessions, and Google is collaborating with various not-for-profit organisations to create virtual support groups.

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