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Facebook: The Platform To Provide Free Tools To Govt. To Fight COVID-19

Facebook to rescue as it provides free tools and resources to governments to fight the coronavirus. Read ahead to know more.

Overcoming The Criticism

Facebook had a bad recent past. Furthermore, people had discouraging reviews about the tech giant. Also, everyone was concerned about their privacy and privacy rights which the website seemed to violate.

But now the company is helping governments and the United Nation various bodies to tackle coronavirus. Furthermore, this will help people. Moreover, it will improve the company's image in front of people.


Facebook Messenger

Many government organizations and the World Health Organisation are using Facebook Messenger to spread information about the coronavirus. Furthermore, it is free of cost for everyone.

The app has made sharing precautions and creating awareness about the coronavirus an easy process. Facebook has made automated bots to answer questions and queries about the coronavirus.

Furthermore, the data gathered from the questionnaire is used for medical purposes.

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WhatsApp (Facebook)

Another Facebook tool WhatsApp is helping many health organizations across the world to share authentic coronavirus information with people. WhatsApp shares news about city lockdown, social distancing, precautionary measures.

Furthermore, to prevent fake news, WhatsApp has made a verify message feature. As a result, you can check whether the news is true or false. WhatsApp directs you on Google. There you can check the authenticity of the message.

The feature is free of cost. Furthermore, you can report fake messages to WhatsApp. Action is taken as per cyber laws.


Who All Are Using This Information? 

UNICEF, Argentina's Ministry Of Health, Pakistan's Ministry Of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination(NHSRC), the World Health Organisation, the Food and Drug Administration, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are some of the big organizations using Facebook tools.

These organizations establish and share coronavirus information using Facebook tools. Furthermore, these organizations collect people's data through surveys conducted on the various tools of the Facebook company.

This data helps in making estimations of people affected by a coronavirus. Furthermore, it also issues precaution advisory to people.

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