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Facebook: Now You Can Delete Everything You Posted In Your Facebook Account All Together

There may be some posts that you shared to get FB page likes and comments way back in time. Then the time went on and now you found that those posts are not relevant now in the platform. Besides, there are a numerous amount of posts on the same topic and you need to remove all. Yes, now you can do it with the latest feature Facebook added to the platform.

With the new feature established by Facebook, you can search posts from your profile by sorting with filters like date or people. It will show the posts with the same attributes in one place. After all, from that list, you can select and bulk delete the posts forever. This will be a useful feature for everyone especially when it comes to a more noticed person in the crowd.


More Details About The New Facebook Feature


After all, the bulk deleting feature is now only available in the Android and iOS. The web-based support in this feature can be expected in the near future. The steps to bulk delete the posts from Facebook include the following steps.

  • Open Facebook (Android or iOS)
  • Go through the three dots and select the Go To Activity Log button
  • Select Manage Activity and then choose Your Posts
  • From here, you can select posts in bulk and delete all of them
  • Use Filter on top to sort the posts in the category you want
  • You can archive or delete the posts if you need

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