Facebook: New Report Shows Increase In Messenger Video Calls By 70%


David Mudd

There has been an increase in Facebook  Messenger Video Calls By 70%. This is because more and more people staying at home use it to communicate amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Read ahead to know more.

Beneficial For The World Health Organisation

The World  Health Organisation is benefitted with such a large population using Facebook Messenger. Through it, the World Health Organisation can share videos about coronavirus.

Furthermore, the WHO can keep people in touch with the latest updates of the coronavirus. Moreover, it tells you the dos and the donts at this time. Also, the local COVID-19 medical support groups can connect with people in need of medical help.



Cons Of This Growth

AS the number of people using Facebook Messenger rises, so does the people spreading fake news. Furthermore, some people take advantage of the situation and spread fake news about coronavirus. As a result, people enter into a state of panic.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to trace the source of the person spreading fake news. But Facebook tries its best to prevent fake information from going online. This will prevent misguiding people from vague information.

The Rapid Growth Facebook

People stick to online video calling to talk with your loved ones. Moreover, after lockdown, people cannot move out of their house. As a result, they are dependent on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger to talk with their loved ones.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg said that the amount of time spent on video calling has increased by double in over a week. Furthermore, people have made frequent use of video calling.


People in Italy are using Facebook Messenger the most. Itay is hit the worst from coronavirus. In such circumstances, everyone has home quarantined. They depend on video calling to communicate not only with their loved ones but also with the medical crew deployed in the city.

Facebook is currently working on its servers to ensure the website doesn’t crash as the number of people globally increases on Facebook Messenger.