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Facebook: Messenger App Now For Windows And MacOS On Desktop


David Mudd

With an increased number of online messaging and video calling, Facebook makes Messenger App Available for Windows And macOS on desktop.

Purpose Behind It

The tech giant Facebook has been working on developing Messenger App for Windows and macOS on the desktop for quite some time now. Furthermore, post coronavirus outbreak, the entire world is practising social distancing.


As a result, schools and universities conduct classes online, corporate companies have meetings online, communication with loved ones again happens online and many more. Therefore, Facebook found this the right time to launch the desktop version of the Messenger app on Windows and macOS.

The Desktop Version (Facebook)

Facebook Messenger has made messaging and video calls with friends and colleagues easier with its desktop version. Furthermore, Messenger’s desktop version can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and Mac App Store.

Moreover, they has been working to develop the desktop version since 2016. Furthermore, Facebook Messenger joins Google Zoom in such desperate times. Also, Google Zoom is facing criticism for security and privacy issues.

Many people across the world video calling on desktop. As it seems more comfortable due to big screen size. Therefore, Facebook Messenger’s desktop version came in just at the right time.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home. As a result, video chats keep us virtually connected with our loved ones. Also, Facebook Messenger now faces competition from Microsoft Teams and Google Zoom on desktop platforms.

The desktop version has a dark mode, which is the app’s new feature for a desktop version of Facebook Messenger.

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Other Features Offered (Facebook)

Users can group video calls on their desktop on the Messenger App. Furthermore, you can text messages to individuals or in a group. Also, you can sync your chats across many devices.

The app will allow you to manage notification appearing on desktop. You can either hide, disable or enable notification pop up boxes while using the desktop. Also, the video call will resume in the background while you switch to do some other task on your computer.