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Facebook Gaming: Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Gaming; Doesn’t Offer Enough For Gamers Or Streamers


David Mudd

As we know that FACEBOOK” is already released its ever long dream with Facebook Gaming App. The app stood with third-ranking after the twitch and YouTube with massive live streamers. As we see the app just launched yesterday grasping a wide range of its users and fans. But, it does lack in allowing more games for users and the streamers.

Let’s look into the issue deeply here in this article.

Facebook Gaming App Was Unable To Fulfill The User Needs

Facebook launched its Facebook Gaming app yesterday (20th April 2020), which allows users to pick old Words With Friends game and watch their fifth or sixth-favorite Call of Duty streamer click heads. The app rolled out with a lot of expectations but seems to fail miserably add it does not comfort the users and players.

Facebook Gaming

There is a piece of news about the app, The game released on Android too early as it expected to go. The company may be cash out the quarantine period, as most of the people glued to rooms itself, and the majority are showing interest in games and streaming, by The New York Times Report (It will release on iOS once Apple approves it.)

If you first go through the app, then you need to select the category in which you are interested(games), and then suggest some streamers to follow. It also had some news feed tab displaying clips, videos, and posts from gaming groups like regular Facebook. And this tab is created for playing popular Facebook games like OMG and Nametests; a tab for watching or discovering live streams; and a tab for messages. While the camera buttons are available on right and left top of the main page for live streaming yourself playing mobile games installed on your phone.

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What Is Lagging In The App?

Well, the Facebook Gaming its self provides users to play games like “FarmVille” on its central app itself. But in addition to this, the app adds “Livestreaming” application to compete with resident websites like Twitch and YouTube. There are many more sophisticated versions besides this app. So, there is no pint to hold on the app anymore.


The app brought new games to its list which keeps it in the third position after the major recipients. Super Smash Bros. pro-Gonzalo “Zero” and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang these which push the app to the third position. Streams identified that the app is not so sophisticated than the resident apps. But it helps in viewing the past videos and pages of streamers easily. Some streamers are unable to give their chance as the others couldn’t find the presence of the streamer.

So, the app may be brought up with a good idea, but it somewhere failed with recipient websites. The app games are quite similar to use in the direct app and have limited games to stream.