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Directed by Anil Ravipudi and starring Venkatesh Daggubati, Varun Tej, Tamannaah Bhatia, and Mehreen Pirzada, F3 is a new Telugu movie that was released on the screen for the first time and instantly met with a smash hit. The release of the film, F3, was such a massive event for the fans. It’s been such a long time since a movie starring such a fantastic cast has been released. As the global pandemic hit the world, the entertainment world has been through a lot of things, though, there has been released a lot of movies and shows have, F3  has been among the list of popular movies and shows. 

As the movie was released, it managed to make Rs 130 Crore worldwide. Released on May 27, the movie received high ratings from the audience and critics. Even, the movie shared great remarks on the online platform and fans appreciate how the film has performed well. 

In this article, we’ll be going to share everything about the film in detail. If you are someone who has not watched the film yet and want to learn the review for the movie then this article is for you. Watch the film and find out everything about it. 

F3 Cast: What can we expect from it?

The F3 cast of the movie follows Venkatesh as Venky, the main lead of the movie. Along with him, there are Varun Tej as Varun Yadav, Tamannaah as Harika, Mehreen Pirzada as Honey, Rajendra Prasad as C.I. Nagaraju, Murali Sharma as Anand Prasad, Sunil as Katthi Seenu and Sonal Chauhan as American girl. 

The movie features, Vennela Kishore as Junior Artist, Gudivada Gurunatham’s son, Ali as Pala Baby, Sampath Raj as Commissioner Dileep Chandra, Raghu Babu as Venky’s companion, Tulasi as Venky’s stepmother, Goparaju Ramana as Venky’s father, Sathvik Varma as Venky’s step brother, Satya as the thief, Pragathi as Padma, Harika’s and Honey’s mother, Pradeep Kondiparthi as Harika’s and Honey’s father, Y. Vijaya as Harika’s and Honey’s maternal grandmother, Annapoorna as Harika’s and Honey’s paternal grandmother.

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The story also brings Srikanth Iyengar as Sharma, Anand Prasad’s assistant, Prudhvi Raj as Palace Incharge, Tanikella Bharani as Police officer, Gundu Sudarshan as Land owner, Rajitha as Land Owner’s wife, Vasu Inturi as Honey’s driver, Rajendran as Gudivada Gurunatham, Srinivasa Reddy as goon’s henchmen, Divya Sripada as Vishal Mitthal’s daughter, Getup Srinu as Bull Chittibabu’s breeder, Duvvasi Mohan as Bull Chittibabu’s breeder, Pooja Hegde as herself and Anil Ravipudi as himself.

How did fans react to the film?

F3 Cast  The movie got an amazing response from the fans. As the release of the movie was made public among the people, it generated positive reaction. Fans admired the dialogue and powerful storyline of the movie. One person says, “More than the story, it is the acting, dialogues and music that lend charm and substance to the film. Besides, the ladies outperform their male counterparts in the acting department. The humor is very engaging in most places and is backed by some fantastic acting. Tamannah, Mehreen Kaur and Sonal Chauhan emote and dance very well while Pragathi gets into the skin of her character with natural mannerisms and superb dialogue-delivery; Pooja in her guest role enthralls with her dance moves. Tamannah’s antics and expressions dressed as a man stand-out and tickle our funny bones while Sonal’s histrionics as her lover are beautiful to behold.”

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And another says, “The film–through masterful comedy and classy acting, highlights the importance of money and how it needs to be earned honestly and saved wisely. However it leaves the message incomplete when it fails to show how such conserved money may be utilized responsibly and humanely for the betterment not only of one’s family, but also of society, at large. Another major drawback of this film is the taint of misogyny: all the women in the film–without exception, are depicted as cunning, greedy and manipulative with the menfolk, being their helpless victims.”

F3 Cast

“Also, in order to boost the sales of toys and discourage children from smartphone-addiction, the pseudo-sons and their enablers decide to make talking-robots modeled on Telugu megastars like Prabhas, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun, Pawan Kalyan, Ramcharan Tej, Junior NTR and the like while blissfully ignoring talented female artistes in the Telugu film industry. This begs the question whether there are no lady-superstars in Tollywood that children can admire or adulate. Or does the filmmaker feel that there are no female-artistes in the industry whose mannerisms and screen presence are grandiose and worthy enough to match up to the male-heroes; impress  audiences, and serve as talking-robots to their children?”

F3 Review

F3 Cast

F3: Fun and Frustration has been officially released for the audience. As the movie starts to premiere its story, it brings out the fun and comedy side of the movie. It has its own charm which has already attracted a lot of audience and makes itself one of the smash hits, the movie has already garnered huge appreciations from the fans. The dialogue and performance of the cast is the major highlight of the movie. 

Starting with one of the most phenomenal casts, the movie was already destined to become massive among the people. If you re one of those people who often admired movies that are unpredictable and fine then F3 is something that is genuinely inspired by you. As soon as the movie hits the ground, it brings out the fun and light comedy to the audience. The film has already delivered great dialogues and it makes the film humorous throughout the end.

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The plot follows the materialistic world and features how money plays a huge role in the development of the plot. In our world, where everyone is seeking the best of their performance and making money as pen of their prime source, the movie also reveals such things. People who are earning money should also know how to take care and save their money. It is one of such films that will inspire and make you realize certain aspects of your life. 

Many people also admired the theme of the film but people also criticized how the females of the movie have been portrayed. The movie tells how women are greedy and money-oriented, though these things raise multiple questions in people’s minds and create a huge disagreement among the women. Overall, the film was great, it lacks some aspects but it clearly does not feature the same things.  

Is there any official trailer to watch?

The official trailer for the movie has been officially released. If by any chance you have missed to watch the film then we have something for you. Watch the official trailer of F3 here. The trailer has already reached 23 Million plus views. 

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