Extraordinary Attorney Woo: the Park Eun Bin Starring Show Is Becoming Another Epic Korean Series!


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The current South Korean lawyer series Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which is a Netflix Original, is directed by Yoo In Shik as well as written by Moon Ji Won.

Yoo In Shik is well-known for its work with Mrs. Cop, Dr. Romantic, and Vagabond. Extraordinary Attorney Woo seems to be the second series that Moon Ji Won has written, the first one was Innocent Witness.

An attorney having autistic spectrum disorder navigates her career at one of the best legal firms in the Korean drama series. She struggles to represent herself within social settings, yet she still accepts new cases and handles everything in her quirky way.

According to Nielsen Korea, the Park Eun Bin-starring film had an average national rating of 5.2 percent with its July 7 broadcast. This not only makes it the Wednesday-Thursday drama with the greatest audience for the evening, but it also represents the highest ratings for the program to date.

Therefore, there is no question that the series is on a higher level.

What Is the Release Date of Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

On June 29, 2022, The Extraordinary Attorney Woo made its Netflix debut.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s scheduling has once more altered. The timetable has shifted to something like a two-week segment distribution with episodes released every Wednesday as well as Thursday rather than a weekly release from one episode.

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For those who are eagerly awaiting the upcoming episode, episode 5 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo will air on July 13 at around 3 p.m. (GMT). Expect English subtitles to be accessible right away because Netflix’s subtitle staff works exceptionally quickly.

What Do We Know About the Extraordinary Story of the Show?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Woo Young Woo received an autism diagnosis when she became five years old, which describes why she is shy or reclusive. Young Woo, who seems to have Asperger’s syndrome, speaks up out of the blue and reads criminal laws after her dad gets into a fight with her neighbor. She is indeed a true talent.

This marked the start of her journey to success. As Young Woo arrives, Jun Ho greets her inside the foyer and welcomes her with a smile before escorting her to the lawyer Jung Myeong Seok’s office.

Young Woo first encounters Myeong Seok and their group of friends. After quite a quick round of greetings, Myeong Seok presents Young-application Woo to CEO Han, who surprises him by hiring her even though she has autism. Whenever Han confronts his beliefs and predetermined line of thinking, he is agitated.

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Woo’s first case features an elderly couple; a woman in her 70s hurts her dementia-stricken spouse after a combative altercation. The woman feels better because Woo Young Woo can relate to her because she was her neighbor.

The trial eventually starts, however, Woo Young Woo stops under the pressure of speaking in front of a judge. Young Woo begins to speak after the opening remarks, but there is also an issue.

This was only a little glimpse of her beginning; the story is becoming more captivating with each new installment. In conclusion, the show centers on a 27-year-old attorney who is autistic.

The intelligent Woo Young Woo, who has an IQ of 164, a strong memory, as well as an innovative thought process, ranked first in her class at the esteemed Seoul National University including both college and law school. But she still has trouble interacting with others on a social level.

What Do We Know About the Cast of the Series?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The Korean drama includes many amazing performers. At first, we have Park Eun Bin playing the role of Woo Young Woo, who is the main protagonist of the show. Then we have Kang Tae Oh playing the role of Lee Joon Ho and Kang Ki Young portraying the character of Jung Myung Seok.

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Then in supporting roles we saw many incredible actors such as Jeon Bae Soo playing the role of Woo Gwang Ho, Baek Ji Won in the role of Han Seon Young, and Jin Kyung was seen in the role of Tae Soo Mi.

Then we got Joo Hyun Young portraying Dong Gourami, Ha Yoon Kyung was seen in the role of Choi Soo Yeon, and Joo Jong Hyuk as Kwon Min Woo.

Trailer of Extraordinary Attorney Woo!

Let’s enjoy this trailer, as we wait for the latest episode to launch on Netflix.


How many episodes of The Extraordinary Attorney Woo will there be?

There will be 16 episodes in the Extraordinary Attorney Woo series, which will air every Wednesday and Thursday.

What are the main genres of the drama series?

The series falls under the genre of Law, Life, and Drama.

Where Can I Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a Korean television series, is streamed on ENA and Netflix.


The new season has now attracted the highest audience numbers of any program in ENA’s history, regardless of whether it was a drama, an entertainment program, or something else entirely.

Additionally, the show has topped its specific time throughout all channels inside the vital 20 to 49-year-old viewership group. The average viewership rating for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” in this group was 2.7 percent.