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Extraction: Release Date, Plot Details- World Tour Promotions Cancelled!!


David Mudd

With the corona taking over the world. It is also taking over the travel and entertainment industries. With movies like No Time To Die already delayed, the promotions for Hemsworth’s Extraction are also being abandoned.

Extraction: Plot Details And Production

Netflix US tweeted the same pic and offered a little bit about the plot of the movie. Extraction follows the story of Tyler Rake who is a black market mercenary. After the death of his son, he does not have much to live for.

An international crime lord enters the scene and hires Rake to extract his kidnapped son from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rake gradually softens up to the boy and his feelings change. It sounds cute, to be honest.

Chris Hemsworth shot the film last year in India and Bangladesh. He describes the experience as heartwarming. The people were very supportive and it was also a bit nerve-wracking. But the way they cheered made him feel like a rockstar. He had a good time in India and was looking forward to coming back.

Extraction: World Tour Promotions Cancelled


Many films have been delayed already because of the coronavirus scare. While some like No Time To Die are already coming out later than usual, others like black Widow are still contemplating what to do.

The same seems to be happening for the promotional tours that actors are supposed to go for. Hemsworth’s world tour for promoting Extraction got cancelled because of the travel advisory and risks in relation to the coronavirus.

Therefore, Chris will not be visiting India, Thailand or any other country because of the corona situation. It makes sense since even Hollywood is not safe from the corona. Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson recently tested positive for the virus. They are being treated in isolation in Australia.

Corona has so far claimed more than 4,500 lives globally and has affected more than 200,000 people. It has officially been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation and the world is on high alert.

Extraction: Release Date

Just because the promotional tours is not happening does not mean that we cannot enjoy the movie. Since it is releasing on the streaming giant Netflix, we do not have to worry about release delays. We can enjoy Extraction on Netflix on April 24, 2020.