Exploring ‘Social Jet Lag’! Teenagers’ Mental Health Problems Linked to Late-night Screen Exposure



In this realm world of digitalization, The Masses mainly the young generation have become addicted to it in view of the fact that they are involved in using their phones late at night. They do not do anything productive but just use it for their entertainment.

The pervasiveness of late-night screen time among teenagers has risen to the peak of alarming pace at a concerning issue known as ‘social jet lag.’ They may not seem familiar but their implications are significant. In this exploration, I have delved into what ‘social jet lag’ is and how it affects teenagers’ mental health. Let’s take a deep dive into it.

Understanding Social Jet Lag

Social Jet Lay is a kind of parallel between irregular sleep patterns. In the case of teenagers, the term Social Jet Lag refers to the disruption in their physical, emotional, and mental state due to inconsistent sleep schedules which is the consequence of excessive screen time late into the night.

social Jet Lag

As the bodies and brains are still developing Adolescents which make them sensitive to sleep disturbances. just because they are particularly vulnerable to Social Jet Lag. Before proceeding further, Check out one more study about Overprotective Parenting Kills Children’s Exercise!

The Digital Age and Late-night Screen Time

A myriad of teenagers find themself immersed in screens long after the sun has set. The predominant reason behind the scenario is that the digital revolution in this developing technological era has assisted people only through the source of screen time with the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops as well and gaming consoles.

Using social media just to scroll, play online gaming, enjoy other streaming services and other endless digital distractions is responsible for keeping them awake as well as engaged the whole night in their smartphones, and laptops.

The Results of the Study

The study was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders and explains that

Screen use before sleep was associated with later chronotype and then greater social jet lag, which was further related to higher levels of emotional problems,” These wordings are explained by authors in the published article.

social Jet Lag

Numerous health experts have found the theory which state that late-night screen time is a primary cause of social jet lag which ultimately later increases the risk of sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, and impaired academic performance. Do not miss reading, the study of Internet Addiction Spectrum!

The researchers have proven their theory by conducting the survey by gathering data from 4,000 Chinese high school students. The participants of the survey reported their screen use before sleep. They have found that the youngsters who indulged in late-night screen timing sleep tended to have a later chronotype and experienced greater social jet lag.

This can put them at greater risk of emotional or psychological problems. Not only this but also reduces their cognitive and infinite intelligence. 

The Results of the Study

To sum up, each and everything that I have experienced so far, the Social Jet Lay is basically a concerning issue that arises from the prevalence of late-night screen time mostly among youngsters or teenagers which can be the result of sparking teen psych problems.

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