Exploring Is Cal Kestis Gay: Uncertain Sexuality Of Star Wars Character?


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There is a rumor about The Star Wars franchise character if is Cal Kestis gay. He is known for his appearance in Respawn Entertainment’s action-adventure video game series, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It was first released in 2019. He also appears in the upcoming sequel, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, released in 2023.

Cal is a former Jedi Padawan who had gone into hiding after the devastating Great Jedi Purge. Years later, he is discovered to have the Force, leading him on a mission to restore the fallen Jedi Order. Actor and model Cameron Monaghan(who was also in Click) portray Cal through performance capture animation, bringing the character to life on screen.

Is Cal Kestis Straight Or Gay?

Due to his lack of romantic interest in female characters and his seeming intimate interactions with male characters, some viewers believe Cal Kestis, the main character in the video game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” is gay. However, neither the game nor any official Star Wars franchise content officially specifies the character’s sexuality.

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While some fans have interpreted various undercurrents as evidence of romantic interest in male characters, neither the game’s creators nor the series has verified or disputed these beliefs. Cal’s intimate friendship with Merrin, a Nightsister he meets on the planet Dathomir shows that he is heterosexual. The information claims that Cal Kestis is not gay.

Merrin and Cal Romance In Video Game

Writing a compelling relationship between characters is a difficult task in video games. However, Jedi: Fallen Order manages to create a natural and unique romance between Merrin and Cal. It is a great example of a video game romance subplot done well. Merrin and Cal’s friendship feels natural because they can empathize with each other’s suffering. Yet their unique perspectives add value to the relationship.

Despite the fans’ objections to the romance, it seems unlikely that Jedi: Fallen Order wasn’t setting up future events. Both characters are on equal footing and can empathize with each other, which makes it seem like Jedi: Survivor’s path is set. In any case, there’s more to come from Cal and Merrin’s story.

Cal’s Evolution in Jedi: Survivor

Cal now has a more rugged appearance. He is sporting new facial hair and a more adventurous outfit. His lightsabers have also undergone changes as he grows more powerful and resourceful.

However, Cal’s changes are not just physical. According to Cameron Monaghan, the actor who portrays Cal, the Jedi’s plight and Cal’s own dangerous position in trying to save the order are beginning to take a toll on him.

Is Cal Kestis Gay

Monaghan said that Cal’s worldview is starting to shift. He added that desperate times are calling for desperate measures, and it becomes very difficult for him to even understand what it is that he is fighting to protect, or where he should go.

As the Empire continues to expand and conquer more planets, Cal becomes increasingly isolated and alone in his fight. “Going from planet to planet and seeing just an increasingly desperate situation must be very, very lonely,” Monaghan explained can imagine that that would definitely weigh on someone?

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While Monaghan denied that the visual comparison between Cal and Han Solo went any further than their outfits. He did note that the two share some inadvertent similarities.

Exploring Cal’s Uncertain Future In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Finale

In the final moments of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal Kestis promises to honor Cere’s memory by building something that will outlast the Empire, but he also admits to being scared of what comes next and not feeling ready to continue without her. Cere tells Cal to “guide her through the darkness,” and he walks toward his new destiny.

Is Cal Kestis Gay

It’s unclear what that destiny is. But it could involve guiding Kata through her grief and training her in the ways of the Jedi when she’s old enough, with the Force running through her family bloodline. Cal and his crew are hiding on Tanalorr, leaving the door open for future appearances. A sequel could make complete sense, or Cal could be left to his isolation on Tanalorr for a few years. And he can return whenever he’s needed to continue the story.

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