Explaining ‘girlhood’: Tiktok’s Popular Advice Blog for Gen Z Females



In the contemporary era of using social media platforms, TikTok is the one that has garnered significant attention from the masses around the corner of the globe. Nowadays, It is basically a breeding ground for trends, challenges, and content that resonate with Gen Z.

Among the plethora of trends that are currently on hype on the TikTok platform, One particular enthralling craze has captured the attention of countless Gen Z girls – ‘Girlhood.’ This trend has risen to the peak of the sky at an alarming pace just because of its empowering and relatable content. Through its post, Let’s know about this Girlhood viral trend.

The Rise of Gen Z Girls on Social Media

It is true that being a teenage girl is hard and finding solace on social media is not a solution but some are finding solace in an online community that is dedicated to all the ups and downs that happen to girls called Girlhood. Basically, this trend follows the blog posts of other girls so that teen girls can seek advice from other girls who have gone through similar situations.


The site was founded by Mia Sugimoto and Sophia Rundle in August for the purpose of encouraging teenagers to share their stories and find the support they need.” They have built a proper organisation and surprisingly their post has reached out. Before reading further details, Do not miss, Explore Top Trending Video Games Evoking the Vibes of John Wick!

The advice as well as stories shared by the majority of girls garnered significant attention in the vie of fact that the posts they have shared are based on honest, gentle, conversational, and genuine content. This platform itself goes viral because of its relatability and easy access to guidance from girls of a similar age or slightly older who have gone through it.

Due to this, It has gained so much popularity in such a short period of time as well and it is in high demand. Their TikTok page has 84,400 followers and 1.4 million likes since posting its first video on Aug. 20, and the Instagram page garnered a following of 13,100. The website has explained some things such as

 “Every girl has a story, and Girlhood gives them a chance to share it.”“We want every girl to know that they belong and that there are girls all over the world willing to help,”


Young Gen girls have submitted their stories on various topics like school, breakups, hook us, and so on. Girl over the age of 15 years can submit, their stories. Unquestionably, the stories can be “funny, scary, relatable, or entertaining,” Check out, Research Shows Germs Thrive in Some Body Areas as Hot Spots.

It should be noticeable that the application process is so selective. Those who have selected to share their views and opinions with others will respond to questions that will allow the creators to “gauge your character.


In the Crux, the viral trend of Girlhood has emerged as a viral sensation. It has been offering a safe and empowering space for Gen Z girls to discuss a wide range of topics including from mental health and self-love to relationships and breaking societal stereotypes.

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