Experts Reveal the Optimal Time for Weight Loss Workouts



Everyone keeps wondering about the timings for doing a workout in order to experience effective weight loss and burning of calories. Do not worry, if you are one of those because experts have uncovered evidence that suggests there may be an optimal time of day to work out for weight loss.

Through this exploration, I have delved into the insights that are basically provided by the experts in the field to help you make the most of your fitness routine. You should consider the elements that are mentioned below regarding the significant timings for doing a workout just to lose weight quickly.

The Observations Made in the Study

Weight Loss Workouts.


A new study highly recommended that if you want to lose weight quickly by doing physical exercises and workouts then you should go in the morning. This study was published in the journal Obesity, stating that moderate to vigorous exercise between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. is the effective time to embark on the journey of losing weight.

Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire’s researchers discovered that the correlation between exercise and weight loss was more effective in the early morning if we compared it to the middle of the day as well as evenings.

Professor Rebecca Krukowski who is the co-director of the Community-Based Health Equity Center at the University of Virginia School of Medicine Department of Public Health Sciences is not associated with the research but her statements in the media release that

“This is exciting new research that is consistent with a common tip for meeting exercise goals — that is, schedule exercise in the morning before emails, phone calls or meetings that might distract you,”

There is no doubt that past studies have also looked for at the effects of frequency, intensity, and duration of exercise but the main aim of conducting this study is to ensure the best quality time for doing effective workouts. Read,  Internet Addiction Spectrum! Dr. Tongyu Ma who is an assistant professor at the University’s Health Sciences Department said that

Weight Loss Workouts.

“Our findings propose that the diurnal pattern of moderate to vigorous physical activity could be another important dimension to describe the complexity of human movement,” “Our study provided a novel tool to explore the diurnal pattern of physical activity and to investigate its impact on health outcomes.”


To wrap up each and everything that I have experienced so far, The most effective time to go out in order to lose weight is morning so that you can align with your circadian rhythm, energy levels, and daily schedule without any disruption of phone calls, emails, and any messages. You can easily unlock the benefits of exercise.

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