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Ex Addicts Club Release Date: Netflix’s New Indonesian Original Series All Set To Premiere!

In April 2023, Netflix launched the Ex Addicts Club release date. It's new original content from Indonesia. The show is originally called “Klub Kecanduan Mantan” (Ex-Addict Club), and it stars a number of talented Indonesian performers, including Chicco Kurniawan, Agatha Pricilla, Andri Mashadi, Hafizh Weda, and Rachel Amanda.

Release Date Of Ex-Lover Club

Raysa, Tina, Asep, and Kori are all struggling to move on from their previous relationships. So they decide to join Ex-Addicts Club, a support group. When they meet Kevin, a new member of the gang, their effort to move on takes a hilarious turn. This new Netflix series was developed by Salman Aristo. It got released on April 20, 2023.

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The “Ex-Lover Club” series consists of ten episodes. Each lasts approximately 20 minutes. On April 20, 2023, all episodes of this series be released at the same time.

Synopsis And Trailer Of Ex-Lover Club

The plot of Ex-Addicts Club revolves around five individuals struggling to move on from their past relationships. The breakup has left them feeling lost. The memories of their past make it harder for them to let go. As a result, they form a distinctive support group to help each other cope. Rasya, a highly ambitious entrepreneur, is among the members of this group.

Rasya takes on the role of leader in the Ex-Addicts Club, where she is fully committed to helping other members in their quick recovery. But she herself experiences similar difficulties in moving on.

Ex Addicts Club Release Date

The plot of the Ex-Addicts Club also follows the story of Tina. She is a yoga instructor who loves serenity. But she often battles with conflicting desires. She sometimes wants to unleash her frustration, yet at the same time finds solace in accepting her circumstances and connecting with the universe.

In addition to those two women, there are three male members: Kevin, Asep, and Kori. Kevin frequently fights to overcome his shattered heart. Nonetheless, he strives to maintain his strength by prioritizing his pride and money.

Asep has a volatile and aggressive temper. However, he is truly nice, compassionate, and sensitive. Meanwhile, Kori is the type of person who constantly blames himself when there is a problem in a relationship. The trailer of this series is available you can watch it here.

Cast Of Ex-Lover Club

This series is directed by Salman Aristo and stars Agatha Pricilla, Andri Mashadi, Chicco Kurniawan(who also appeared in Photocopier), Hafizh Weda, and Rachel Amanda. As per Agatha Pricilla, the series is interesting since it imparts certain messages regarding exes and relationships, with the goal of assisting viewers in moving on. There are several unique characters to watch in this series.

Cast's Journey in Bringing Ex-Lover Club To Life

The cast believes that the five characters in the sitcom contribute their unique colors and are relatable to the audience. They have gone through a lengthy character development process, which has given them confidence that what they display is entertaining and resonates with the viewers. Rachel Amanda claimed at a press conference held on Monday at Plataran Hutan Kota in Jakarta.

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She told that the reading process took more than a month and that there was acting instruction, as well as a stage where they were permitted to be ‘strange' in one room.

Ex Addicts Club Release Date

Chicco said that the characters in Ex-Lover Club may appear extreme, but this may happen in real life. Chicco Kurniawan, who plays Kiko, admitted that his character is one of the most unique. He even conducted research to ensure Kiko's character appeared realistic to the audience.

Where To Watch Ex-Lover Club?

Ex-Lover Club is available on Netflix, one of the world's most popular streaming platforms. Enjoy the humorous and relevant story of five people attempting to move on from past relationships.


Are you willing to join a breakup support group? It may lead you to meet people that are either drastically different from you or have had similar encounters. What are the possible drawbacks?

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