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Everything’s Trash: Who is the Cast in This Show?

Everything’s Trash is going to premier on 13th July 2022 on Freeform. This is an American comedy television series. The show is based on the book Everything’s Trash but it’s okay. The show is going to air in the English language and its country of origin is the United States.

After the release of the first episode of the show, we have come up with all the information regarding this new comedy on television.

everything's trash

This new series is based on Phoebe Robinson‘s Book “Everything’s Trash but it’s Okay” which was launched in 2018. This book is nothing but a collection of essays about her life. The story unfolds her struggles for keeping money from her parents to how dating had warmed over a bowl of a hot mess.

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What is the Plot of the Everything’s Crash?

The story also covers many topics like tough love talk on feminism, telling society beauty standards to kick off and telling foul about culture’s obsession with work.

Freeform’s comedy show follows a 30-something outspoken podcast star that is making her professional mark. She is living a broke and messy life in Brooklyn.

Phoebe is juggling her personal and professional life.

What Will Be the Cast of Everything’s Trash?

Let’s meet the cast of the show as below and you can tune in with them on two episodes of the series which was released on 13th July 2022. This show has plenty of talented stars in it which are as follows.

Phoebe Robinson

She had played the role of Phoebe Hill. She is 30 years of something outspoken podcast star who is trying to make her professional mark. While achieving this she is living a broke and messy life in Brooklyn.

She is an American comedian and actress. Phebe is a bestselling writer in the New York times and the book is based in Brooklyn. She was born on 28th September 1984.

everything's trash

She had made her career as a writer and an actress. Phoebe is well known for What Men Want which was released in 2019 and I love dick in 2016.

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Jordan Carlos

He had played the role of Jayden Hill. Jordan is a blerdy older brother of Phoebe. He is very close to his sister and he is running for public office.

Nneka Okafor

She played the role of Jessie Ajayi-Hill. She is the wife of Jayden in the show. And she is a tightly wound but fun wife. She has feminist leanings.

Toccara Cash

She played the role of Malika Jones. She is the work wife of Phoebe and always rides and dies for her.

everything's trash

Moses Storm

He played the role of Michael Baker. Moses is her best friend forever of Phoebe. He lives his life on his own terms and conditions.

Moses Storm is an American Comedian and actor. He appeared on several television shows like another period, About a Boy, This is Us and arrested development. For his flick Unfriended, he received critical acclaim in 2014. It was a horror flick.

Storm’s current projects include Modern Millennial and Trash white. These are his own comedy specials and will release on HBO max. And it is produced by Conan Obrien. He is also hosting a live programme and its name is Trifecta.

Brandon Jay McLaren played the role of Hamilton.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Watch Everything’s Trash?

You catch out the show on Freeform. The show is broadcast every Wednesday night at 10.30 ET/PT.


Everything’s Trash is an American comedy show. It is streaming on freeform from 13th July 2022. There are two episodes of the show that are present now. The show is based on the book Everything’s Trash but It’s okay and this book is written by Phoebe Robinson.

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