Megalo Box Season 2 Is Happening! All Recent Updations:


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Confirmed! Happening! On Its Way!

Great words with great energy…. Well, you should feel energetic as your favorite series- Megalo Box Season 2 is confirmed.

The article will be going to help to know everything about season2 – Release Date, Cast Members, Trailer and many more. So, without any further delay, let’s get started:

Megalo Box Season 2:

Megalo Box is a Japanese anime television series under the direction of Yo Moriyama. While the production is done by TMS Entertainment and 3XCube. Along with these, Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima worked as a screenwriter for making this awesome anime for you.

The series plot revolves around a young man and a world, with a lot of discrimination for the affluent and improvised. Along with this, the story also focuses on boxing. Its first season was premiered on 6 April 2018 to 29 June 2019.

Since then season two is in demand, Let’s check what are its recent updates:

Megalo Box Season 2: Is its sequel is renewed?

Well, it is great news for all of you. Megalo sequel is on its way while having words with Yo Moriyama (Director of the series) he said: “I recognize that there’s a great deal of love relating to MEGALOBOX as well as I’m really delighted regarding it. I’m likewise very happy to say that MEGALOBOX 2 is in development and we most definitely wouldn’t want to let down the fans. I’m very much expecting it.”

Furthermore, he added:

“There’s truly very little I can claim at this point. I’m truly trying to provide a really different angle contrasted to the initial MEGALOBOX. So I believe we can most definitely provide followers something that is beyond their expectations.”

Get ready for the amazing experience with season 2 as stated by the director, you will be surprised with new twists and turns in the series.

So, the season is on its way. Get ready for it. In case, you haven’t streamed the previous season then this is the best time to go for it.

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Megalo Box Season 2: When it will be launch on Big Screen?

I know, the series renewal news has filled you with great enthusiasm. After the approval of the series, you all are seeking information for the premiere date. Isn’t it?

But the launch date is not yet decided by the creators, only the season is confirmed and the production for the same has begun. You have to wait for the creator’s words regarding the release date. Till then, enjoy the positive wave for the series renewal.

Stay tuned to our website, as we will update this section whenever any authorized information is available. So, mark our website for the latest updates. 

Who will appear in Megalo Box Season 2?

Several cast members will be featuring in Megalo Box season 2. However, the main protagonist will remain the same. Some of them are:

  • Joe
  • Mikio
  • Shirato
  • Gansaku
  • Nanbu
  • Miyagi
  • Yuri
  • Tatsumi Leonard Aragaki
  • Yukiko Shirato
  • Fujimaki
  • Sachio

Despite the above, we are suspecting some news faces to launch in Season 2, enriching the story with perfect curves to bind your interest in each scene. It is our expectation.

Once the clear-information about the cast members is shared by the showrunners then we will distribute it to you. Meanwhile, let us know which is your favorite cast member in the series and your moment in the first season.

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First-Look of Megalo Box Season 2:

Sadly, you can’t have a glance at the first look because of the series in the development phase. So, no trailer is revealed yet. But we have something for you, a video based on Megalo Box.

Terminal Words:

I know you have mixed feelings after reading the article. As the season is confirmed but the launch it not shared. But the relishing part is- the season is on its way so, soon it will be available on the big screen. No doubt, you have to wait for it but surely it will be there.

Besides this, if you need any support related to any anime, manga, or shows then freely comment below. We will give our best to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will, there be a season 2 of Megalo?

Surely, season 2 will be there. The season is confirmed by TMS Entertainment. But the premiere date is not yet shared. TMS declared that Megalo Season 2 is under development. So, production has commenced, stay tuned release date will soon be released.

How many seasons does Megalo have and with how many episodes?

As so far, Megalo has only one season containing 13 episodes in it. Here, is a list of the names of the episodes:

Act Number: Episode Name:

Episode 1: Buy or Die

Show 2: The Man Only Dies Once

Episode 3: Gear is Dead

Episode 4: Let’s Dance with Death

Chapter 5: The Man from Death

Episode 6: Until the Last Dog Dies

Act 7: The Road to Death

Chapter 8: Deadline of Dream

Episode 9: A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom

Act 10: The Die is Cast

Episode 11: A Deadmarch

Episode 12: Leap over the Edge of Death

Show 13: Born to Die

What will be the release date of Megalo Box Season 2?

The release date is not yet finalized by the creators. Only the series is in development is shared with the audience. So, we have to wait for the season launch date.

Is Megalo Box is on Netflix?

Yess.. you can watch Megalo Box on Netflix. Season one of Megalo is accessible on Netflix. So, haven’t streamed it then go for it, it is there.