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Everything We Know So Far About Scandal Cast? What Are the Reviews for Scandal Series?

Scandal is an American political thriller television show and it is starred with Kerry Washington and made by Shonda Rhimes. The series aired on ABC from 5th April, 2012 until 19th April 2018. The series consists of 124 episodes over seven seasons.

Kerry Washington’s character was portrayed by Olivia Pope and it is partially based on former George H. W. Bush administration press aide Judy Smith and is serves as a co-executive producer. The series takes place in Washington DC and focuses on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm.

Scandal Cast

Additionally Kerry Washington, the series features Tony Goldwyn as Fitzgerals Grant III, the president of the United States. Later a former president and Olivia’s main interest Darby Stanchfield as Abby Whelan is an assistant at OPA and he is also a former in house secretary and chief of staff.

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What is the Scandal Cast?

Check out the list of Scandal cast along with their characters below –

  • Kerry Washingtonas Olivia “Liv” Carolyn Pope
  • Darby Stanchfieldas Abigail “Abby” Whelan, who worked as an investigator in Olivia’s firm. After Olivia ran away with Jake Ballard after the second presidential election, Abby was hired as the White House Press Secretary. She later managed to remove Cyrus Beene and took over his job as the White House Chief of Staff.
  • Katie Lowesas Quinn Perkins  (née Lindsay Dwyer), who works at Olivia Pope & Associates. She got involved with Charlie, who turned her away from OPA to B613, but she later returned to Olivia.
  • Guillermo Diazas Huck (né Diego Muñoz), a previous assassin for B613, who lost his family because of the job. He later began working as a tech guy for Olivia and her firm and is extremely loyal to her.
  • Jeff Perryas Cyrus Rutherford Beene, former White House Chief of Staff who became the running-mate in the presidential election with Governor Francisco Vargas.
  • Tony Goldwynas Fitzgerald “Fitz” Thomas Grant III, the President of the United States, a Republican former Governor of California from Santa Barbara.
  • Columbus Shortas Harrison Wright (seasons 1–3),
  • Henry Ian Cusick as Stephen Finch (season 1; guest season 4), a litigator who worked with Olivia and is one of her good friends. He left Washington, D.C. to be with his fiancée Georgia and is currently living in  Petersburg and working for the Russian oligarchy.
  • Joshua Malina as David Rosen (seasons 2–7; recurring season 1),
  • Bellamy Young as Melody “Mellie” Margaret Grant (seasons 2–7; recurring season 1).
  • Scott Foley as Jacob “Jake” Ballard (né Pete Harris)
  • Joe Morton as Elijah “Eli/Rowan” Pope (seasons 5–7; recurring seasons 2–4), Olivia Pope’s father, ‘Command’ of the elite black ops program, B613.
  • Portia de Rossi as Elizabeth North (seasons 5–6; recurring season 4),
  • Cornelius Smith Jr. as Marcus Walker (seasons 5–7; guest season 4), a civil rights activist, a former client of Olivia’s firm and White House Press Secretary.
  • George Newbern as Charlie (né Bernard Gusky)

What Are the Reviews for Scandal Series?

The series has mostly received a positive reviews along with a collective score of 64 out of 100 which is based on 28 critics. Alan Sepinwall of HitFix wrote that –

Scandal Cast

To be perfectly honest, after watching four episodes of Scandal, I’m not 100 percent clear on what it is that Olivia and her team (most of them fellow lawyers who don’t practice law) do, nor on exactly what the show is. I’m also not entirely sure that it matters. Scandal is a good example of what a show is about being far less important than how it’s about it.

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Newsday‘s Verne Gay called the series “fun”, but added:

All the tropes, cliches and (especially) soap conventions series creator Shonda Rhimes has poured so generously into Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice over the years have been poured right back into this Beltway potboiler. The hairpin plot twists. The whiplash character reveals. The bumptious moralizing. The Strong Woman/Wronged Woman character type, and its direct corollary, Weak, Middle-Aged, Married Man Who Secretly Likes Hookers. It’s all here!’

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Trailer –

Watch out the trailer of Scandal series in given below video. By watching the video you will get an idea regarding the show and it will become easy for you to decide whether to watch this show or not.

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