Everything We Know So Far About Michael Strahan’s Long Time Secret Girlfriend?


Aditi Deshinge

Michael Strahan truly has a busy career and hectic family life but he does always makes time for a very special lady in his life. This GMA presenter has four children and he is quite secretly dating model Kayla Quick since several years. It seems that they are still together with each other very firmly.

Michael Strahan is one of the well known defensive ends throughout 15 years career in the NFL. He spent his entire career with the New York Giants and he also helped them for several times. Moreover, he was a seven time Pro Bowler and has many times All-Pro selection.

Strahan has also led the league in sacks for couple of years and he was also a one-time NFL Defensive Player of the year.

Well, Michal keeps their romance quite away from social media, but the gorgeous 32 years young lady recently made an appearance on Strahan’s Instagram and it made fans eager to find out more about this duo.

Kayla Quick has posted a picture with her boyfriend and his twins name Isabella and Sophia. The photo was taken inside Michael’s apartment in the New York. By watching this his followers and fans asked who is she?

Michel didn’t answer the questions by fans but by watching the recent picture we can assume that he is still in a relationship with Kayla. So it obviously seems that Michael Strahans dating Model Kayla Quick.

In this article you will get to know more about the leading lady in Michael’s life and how long they have been together.

Before heading forward we would like to tell you that Michael is married twice before dating Kayla Dick.

When Michael Strahan Did Started Dating Kayla Quick?

According to internet reports, the duo has started dating since 2015 and she is seems like firm fixture in his as well as his children’s lives.

Michael Strahan’s Long Time Secret Girlfriend

Despite of all this Michael did not speech much about their relationship in public. We think that, he might love to keep his relationship in private. But he has married for twice and engaged too prior to dating Kayla.

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Who is Kayla Quick?

Kayla Quick was born on 17th October 1989 in Port Charlotte, Florida and her parents were Gerard Alan Quick and Mary Kay Quick. She also has a sister and her name is Kara Lee Quick.

Kayla’s mother has fought and survived cancer. Her father served in the United States Army where he has sent to several bases prior to settling in Port Charlotte.

Despite of being part of US Armed Force, Gerard Quick has some criminal past. He has been arrested for 19 times for different crimes like aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and drug possession.

Kayla’s father has died in 2012 and he was 54 years old when he died.

Along with this, Kayla’s sister Kara works as a cook in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as well as a model from time to time.

At the age of 14 Kayla Quick has been also arrested for disorderly conduct after a fight broke out in her hometown of Port Charlotte. Kayla was then taken into custody as a juvenile as she was under age.

Before starting dating with former football player, Kayla has dated her high school sweetheart Justin Hundley.

Kayla’s ex-boyfriend Justin Hundley said that Kayla was a good girls before high school. Therefore in an interview with Radar Online he said that –

“It was like a switch was flipped, almost overnight she became this huge patier.”

According to reports Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan first met as a bar in Port Charlotte where Kayla was working as a waitress. Afterwards the duo has spotted together in 2015 at the time of Super Bowl after party. Seemingly, they were confirming their relationship at that time.

How’s the Relation of Kayla With Michael’s Daughters?

As per the reports it seems that, Kayla has become a firm fixture in Michael as well his daughter’s lives.

Michael has two older children daughter Tanita and son Michael with his first wife Wanda Hutchnis. But their marriage ended eventually and they are divorced now.

Michael Strahan’s Long Time Secret Girlfriend

Strahan married to Jean Muggli on 18th July 1999. And this pair has twin daughters but unfortunately they divorced in 2006.

After short period of time, Michael started dating Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole and the duo got engaged too in 2009. But eventually after five long years the duo separate and chose different paths.

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What is the Post of Kayla Dick on Instagram?

Yes, Kayla posted inside Michael Strahan’s house in New York with his daughters.

This former sports player first time opened up about his divorce in an interview with People, and he said that –

Personally, getting divorced is probably one of the toughest things I’ve ever gone through.

“It was also a learning experience and I learned a lot about myself. And I learned a lot about a lot of the people who were around at that time and some aren’t around anymore.”

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