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Everything We Know So Far About Mackinzie Scott’s Multibillion Dollar Divorce With Dan Jewett?

MacKnzie Scott and Dan Jeewett’s split agreements means. “There wont be any trials” which was told by family law attorney David Glass to People magazine. Now MacKnzie Scott divorce is something which became  news for today.

MacKnzie Scott is one of the richest women in the globe. And she has a net worth around $27.9 billion as of October 2022. She is 52 years old lady and filed a divorce petition from her husband who is a school teacher in Seattle school and his name is Dan Jewett.

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According to a family law attorney, David Glass, Their divorce will likely be pretty standard and vanilla, despite of her wealth. David have viewed the filing which was submitted to Washington State’s King County Superior Court on Monday.

MacKnzie Scott divorce

The documents of court does not confirm the presence of a prenuptial agreement between MacKnzie Scott who was previously married to Amazon founder Jeffe Bezos, this report is confirmed by The New York Times.

Moreover, the former couple are agreed on the terms of split which include what becomes of the marital property in a separation contract.

“A separation contract under Washington law is when you say to your spouse, ‘We’re going to get divorced and we can work out all the details ourselves. Let’s write it up in an agreement and we’ll just notify the court that we’ve figured everything out,’ ” says Glass, who does not represent either party. “And so that’s what they did here.”

Glass further adds that – Washington State law allows divorcing couples to keep separation agreement totally private. He also noted that Scott and Jewett seems to be already have terms of their divorce totally settled.

“They each had their lawyers, they figured out who’s keeping what real estate, who’s keeping what assets. They decided that there wouldn’t be any sort of spousal support, and because they don’t have any children [together], they didn’t have to get into the issue of custody,” he adds.

“And so you basically inform the court in Washington State, ‘We have a separation agreement, we don’t need you for anything other than to issue the divorce decree.’ ”

MacKnzie Scott divorce

As the state’s law allow divorce agreement should be kept in private, Glass adds that “no one will ever know” how exactly the couple are separating their assets. We will only get to know the details once the couple decide to disclose.

Glass also told to People magazine that. The third page of Scott’s divorce petition consists of a consent form from Jewett agreeing to the filing in its entirely which will help the divorce process as per Glass.

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“So he signed off saying, ‘I agree to all this. Please just have [us] divorced,’ ” Glass tells PEOPLE. “So there won’t be any trials. There won’t be any court appearances. And there likely won’t be any other papers filed with the court until the court issues the one piece of paper that says you’re now divorced and you’re each single.”

Though it seems that Scott and Jewett’s divorce is amicable. Glass says, “it’s hard to predict how long the court will take before it issues that divorce decree.”

“They filed this on the 23rd and didn’t get posted until on the website until [Thursday],” Glass tells PEOPLE. “So it’s hard to tell. If both parties agree, there is no waiting period.”

Along with this, Glass notes that California state law says that a divorcing couples need to wait for six months for divorce decree even under similar circumstances.

Scott has three children with Jeff Bezos who is 58 years old. The twosome was married for 25 years before their announcement of separation in 2019.

Since her divorce from Jeff, McKnzie Scott has spoken about her goal of donating a huge amounts of her money.

Recently, Scott has gifted her Beverly Hills estate which is worth of $55 million, to support the non-profit California Community Foundation, and their affordable housing grant making and immigrant integration program.

In March, Scott donated $436 million to Habitat for Humanity.

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