Everything Unsolved Mysteries leaves out about the Tiffany Valiante case



Netflix has a bunch of reality Tv shows and amazing mind-blowing series for people to get entertained. Though the OTT platform has one of the highest numbers of audiences out of all the streaming services, the wide range of different generic series is the main reason behind it. Besides the series, Netflix is known for its documentary series. 

In recent times, Netflix has started to put them first in the serial Killer documentary series. Unsolved Mysteries is one of the most popular documentary shows in the world which has been airing for a long time. As of now, the documentary series has already released 15 Season, urging the fans to look for the future possibility for the show. 

The same documentary series has landed on Netflix and fans couldn’t keep themselves calm because of it. As soon as the show landed on Netflix, fans started to work and wonder about the show. The very first episode of the series follows “Mystery at Mile Marker 45”, the case of  Tiffany Valiante who died when she was hit by an oncoming train. 

In the case, we came to learn that her family and friends guessed she was the murderer but it was later followed by her death which came to light as a suicide by the investigator. 

In the show, we learned that Tiffany was an athlete who played softball and she was reportedly looking forward to attending college when she died in 2015. She was already heading to her graduation party and after leaving it, she was found dead. 

Netflix has ruled out certain queries and mysteries behind the case which predicted the future of the show. In this article, we’ll be going to rule out everything about Tiffany Valiante’s murder case. If you are interested to learn about the case, continue reading the article to find out everything. 

What happened to Tiffany Valiante?

On 12th July 2015, Tiffany, 18 years old, and her parents attended a graduation party in their hometown of Mays Landing, New Jersey.

At around 9 pm one of Tiffany’s friends spoke to her parents and told them that Tiffany was using her debit card. In the show, we heard that the conversation went on for 10 minutes. When asked by Tiffany, she denied using the debit card.

Later, her family went out and searched for her friend’s debit card. Tiffany’s mum finds out that there is a slip of the debit card behind her back pocket. When Dianne, Tiffany’s mom went inside the room to ask her, she was nowhere to be found. 

Her family started to call her again and again but Tiffany was not answering their call. Later, her mobile phone was already at the bottom of the driveway. 

Her family immediately rushed to the police and asked them to search for her. But after half an hour, they found out that Tiffany had been killed by an oncoming transit train. 

What are the Reasons behind Tiffany’s death?

In Unsolved Mysteries, Tiffany’s family said: “I was devastated. I couldn’t understand how they could come up with that. My daughter wasn’t depressed. She wasn’t suicidal. Tiffany was happy!

“She was making plans to go to college, she was making plans with her roommate, she was making plans to play softball that Wednesday. She had plans to go to Great Adventure the next morning with friends.”

It was reported that tiffany’s case was registered as a suicide since the police don’t find any clue behind her death, However, her family doesn’t support this and believed that she would have never committed suicide because he seemed so joyful.

Her family was completely against the verdict made by the police. They believed that Tiffany was murdered. Also, when the last time Tiffany’s parents saw her, she was wearing all of her clothes but her family found her dead body where she was barefoot and in her underwear. 

Not only this, but just after a few days after her death, her mother finds Tiffany’s missing trainers and headband in a neat pile, more than a mile away from the tracks she died on.

One of the investigators in Unsolved Mysteries believes certain theories cover many things. We saw Tiffany fully dressed through the light of the camera.  The investigator ruled out that she might have gone in the car with someone she knew, or might have been forcefully put in the car. Slater, the person threw away her phone before killing her. 

On the other hand, another investigator predicted that Tiffany was murdered before being placed on the train tracks as there was a large amount of blood at the spot Tiffany was hit by the train which would be consistent with the body being left there.

What do Unsolved Mysteries Conclude about her death?

After watching the episodes of the series, we came to learn that many things are left out by the police. The way the police ruled out the case as a suicide without proper investigation was untruthful and gives injustice to the death of the innocent.

On the other hand, her family thinks in different ways. They already said that they have different thoughts regarding the death of their daughter. One of the things that they missed was the murder weapon. According to NJ.com an ax with “red markings” was found near the site where Tiffany’s body was found. 

While her family was wondering about the forensic reports and they will learn more about her death, the axe had already gone missing through the place before it could be tested.

In Unsolved Mysteries, we learn Tiffany may have stolen her friend’s debit card. But it was ruled out that Tiffany had stolen money from her parent’s account before a few dates after her death. 

The last thing that the audience learned about the shows was that a dog and handler from the Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office were sent to see if they could follow up on any clues. The investigation went overruled and there has been no exact idea of the real culprit. 

The audience said, “Watching Unsolved Mysteries season 3 episode 1 about Tiffany Valiante and it can’t just be a suicide. There are pieces to it we aren’t being told. I feel like the credit card friend is somehow involved. It’s just so spooky I hope one day the truth comes out”. 

While others said, “Finally watching the Unsolved Mysteries episode about Tiffany… so weird, I remember her being a regular at the froyo place I worked at the time. I didn’t know her personally, but she stood out to me because she was always so friendly and bubbly.  I instantly liked her”