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Get to Know Everything About the 355 Release Date, Cast, and the Storyline!

The international female spy is a relatively new concept in the James Bond universe, so when The 355 release date, cast, as well as other details, became public, fans couldn't get enough of it.

However, perhaps it is what made them much more thrilling. To fact check, Mason “Mace” Brown as well as her team of five representatives from five different nations are already here.

The 355 follows CIA Agent Brown, as a spy who discovers that a large organization is attempting to obtain a weapon that might plunge the already tumultuous world into complete anarchy. In order to get the weapon back before the adversary can use it, Brown partners up with five additional major global agents from all around the world.

So that's how these strange women will end up rescuing the entire world. Theresa Rebeck, not only contributed to the script for the film but also wrote the narrative on which The 355 is inspired.

Simon Kinberg, Jessica Chastain, as well as Kelly Carmichael are co-producers on the film together with him as the director. Let's test our knowledge of the spy movie.

What is the 355 Release Date?

The 355 release date

The COVID-19 epidemic forced a halt to The 355 filming, which had started in July 2019. The production eventually began in July 2020 and continued through November 2020 while adhering to all relevant procedures and protocols.

The 355 release date is January 7, 2022, Universal Pictures released the movie. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, The 355 release date was initially scheduled for release around January 15, 2021, though and was postponed to January 14, 2022, and then moved up by one week to January 7.

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Around January 28, 2022, the video-on-demand version of the movie was made available. On February 22, 2022, the 355 release date started playing on Peacock. The same day, it was made available on DVD and Blu-ray through Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

What is the Storyline of the Spy-action Movie?

The 355 release date

The drug lord gives criminal genius Elijah Clarke a special decryption software drive that really can enter every digital system on the planet at a place 150 miles to the south of Bogotá, Colombia. Even as police attack the residence, Clarke betrays him and murders him.

Colombian DNI operative Luis Rojas finds the gadget in the midst of the confusion. The task of buying the disc from Rojas is given to CIA agent Mason “Mace” Brown. She travels to Paris with her longtime partner and boyfriend Nick Fowler.

Whenever German disguised BND spy Marie Schmidt steals the bag containing the money, the operation goes bad. Marie flees on the subway while Mace pursues her, and Clarke confronts Nick in an alley.

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Nick is discovered dead in an alley, which Mace discovers from sources at the CIA headquarters. Larry Marks, her supervisor, grants her the go-ahead to recover the drive using any methods necessary. To enlist a longstanding acquaintance and former British MI6 agent named Khadijah Adiyeme, Mace journeys to London.

Rojas makes arrangements for DNI psychologist Graciela Rivera, who has no prior knowledge of the field, to take the drive. Just after drive, Marie gets urged to leave by her employer, Jonas Muller, who mentions how she directly turned her father, a top BND agent, upon learning that he had been a Russian mole.

When the DNI agent in charge of the handovers turns on Mace and Khadijah and kills Luis, he leaves Graciela with a phone that may only be opened by her and records the drive. The thief is pursued by Mace as well as Marie, but he or she flees. While Mace and Khadijah are on their way, Marie transports Graciela to something like a safe home.

Who Are the Cast Members of the 355 Movie?

The 355 release date

The 355's star-studded backdrop highlights some really strong and accomplished women and men. This is a brief description of these spy-filled personalities: Mason “Mace” Brown, played by Jessica Chastain, is a CIA operative who hires a team secretly in order to find and stop an international terrorist organization.

Former MI6 agent Khadijah is portrayed by Lupita Nyong'o. Khadijah is the top computer expert in the world and is a no-nonsense, straightforward person, while Diane Kruger plays Marie Schmidt, a rival BND agent who is extremely skilled at what she does. Brown and she eventually collaborate on the assignment.

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Then Penelope Cruz appears as Graciela, a talented psychologist who collaborates with Colombia's DNI spy organization.

Fan Bingbing portrays Lin Mi Sheng, a mystery Chinese MSS operative who is continuously watching Brown as well as her team's every movement, and Graciela, a talented agent, and psychologist are two agents who stand out from their fellow colleagues. Nick, a CIA agent but also Brown's comrade, is portrayed by Sebastian Stan.

Trailer of The 355!

Uncover those mysteries filled with a lot of action and thriller through this amazing trailer.


What is the IMBD rating of The 355 movie?

The IMBD rating of The 355 movie is 5.4/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the film?

The estimated runtime of the film is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

What are the film's key genres?

The action and thriller genres make up the majority of the film.


This indisputable fact served as the inspiration for the film's title and its narrative. During the American Revolution, one female spy working for the Patriots went under the codename Agent 355. She was indeed a member of the Culper Ring, the spy ring that George Washington, as well as Benjamin Tallmadge, set up.

One of the very first spies working for the US was Agent 355. The number corresponds to “woman” after being decrypted by the network's encryption technology. Nobody knew who the original 355 was, and her true identity is still a mystery.

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