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Everything About- My Husband Won’t Fit

My Husband Won’t Fit is a Japanese language television series. Do you love to enjoy Japanese language TV series? If yes then I think you should not skip this article………….

My Husband Won’t Fit revolves around Kumiko and Kenichi. They both become a good couple in college. After some time they discover that they are completely physically incompatible. Their problems emerge from a marriage which is not able to be consummated.


The series basically stars Natsumi Ishibashi and Aoi Nakamura. Initially, it was released on Fuji TV on 20th March, 2019. In this series, Kumiko and Kenichi both meet in the college. They build a happy marriage together. But an unusual problem threatens to destroy their relationship.

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I think all of you (Okay not all most of you) are excited to know something delicious about the Japanese language series called My Husband Won’t Fit………………

If yes start scrolling down as here is everything about the series that you would like to know. The article contains the information like the plotline, the names of the main characters, the release date, the list of episodes, the trailer and much more………………

My Husband Won’t Fit: The Casting Characters

My Husband Won’t Fit: The Premiere Date

My Husband Won’t Fit was released on Fuji TV on 20th March, 2019. All the fans can easily enjoy the series as it has been already released for the fans……………………It is a heart touching news for all the fans…….


Let’s start enjoying it with full enthusiasm…………..

My Husband Won’t Fit: The Plotline

The story of My Husband Won’t Fit focuses on Kumiko who is a shy girl. She leaves the boondocks just to attend a University. Kumiko meets Kenichi, a boy in the university. They both saw a specialist when Kenichi learns more about the past of Kumiko. He changes his mind……………..

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Episodes of the 1st Season of My Husband Won’t Fit

There are total 10 episodes of the 1st Season of My Husband Won’t Fit. I think all should have a sharp look over each and every episode just to get entertainment………….

Episode 1

In the 1st episode, Kumiko leaves the boondocks just to attend college. She meets Kenichi in the college. They discover a problem when they start dating………

Episode 2

Then after 2 years of stay together, Kenichi applies for a job in Yamanashi. Kumiko finds some hope for their problems after some research.

Episode 3

Now they are having happy married life as they both are teachers. Then after 4 years, Kumiko went to a new school and assigned a difficult class.

Episode 4

Kumiko struggles a lot in her job at school following her discoveries about the activities of Kenichi. A child named Miyuki senses her weakness very soon.


Episode 5

Kumiko starts discussing her issues on a supportive online forum. When she meets a commenter, he turns out to be a man.

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Episode 6

Kenichi and Kumiko both are living parallel lives but they are pursuing physical gratification separately. The bank balance of Kenichi shrinks when Kumiko falls deeper into despair.

Episode 7

Kenichi noticed the increasing unhappiness of Kumiko but he wonders where things went wrong. He comes to know that he is unable to do anything about it.

Episode 8

When Kumiko quits her job and falls into a funk. She goes to her parents’ house and she has a fearful dream about a curse.

Episode 9

Kenichi have the possibility of using various other methods of getting pregnant but Kumiko demonstrates her past sexual experience then Kenichi walks out.


Episode 10

After consulting a specialist, they both decided not to have any baby. She tells her parents that they demand to have a talk to her in laws.

The Trailer of My Husband Won’t Fit

By this official trailer of My Husband Won’t Fit, you will get to know more about the series…………..

The IMDb Rating of My Husband Won’t Fit

The IMDb rating of My Husband Won’t Fit is 6.7 out of 10.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Husband in Law available on Netflix?

Yes, My Husband in Law is available on Netflix for the fans.

How many episodes are there in My Husband in Law?

There are total 15 episodes in My Husband in Law.

Final Words

My Husband Won’t Fit is a trending and demanding Japanese language television series which is based on the story of a couple named Kenichi and Kumiko. It is completely based on the marriage life of this couple…………..

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