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What Are The Basics Of Content Marketing?

It is no secret that there is no alternative to being active on social media if you want to survive and thrive as a business, irrespective of your industry. However, merely existing on social media platforms will not suffice if you wish to expand your brand.

You need to create and follow an effective content creation and marketing strategy to boost your brand recognition. There is an ever-increasing obsession with content marketing service in this day and age, so much so that businesses tend to rely on it more than traditional marketing strategies.

Why is Content Marketing Vital?

You've probably heard several people continually harp on the fact that content marketing is critical in the digital age. However, most do not know why. Here's why it is as essential (if not more) as people make it out to be:

Gives the customer value.

This is perhaps the most crucial point in content marketing's favor. Unlike traditional marketing, content marketing allows you to tailor content for the customer, reducing their chances of closing or muting your advertisement or post.

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Drives traffic.

Given how content marketing encompasses different content types, you can post content on various platforms to reach a bigger audience. You can make podcasts, YouTube videos, blog posts, social media posts on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

By diversifying your content marketing, you can drive significant amounts of traffic to your website or channel.

Educate your audience until they want to buy your products.

Content marketing educates your customers, leading them to revisit your website time and again. Consistently posting useful content can get your audience to purchase your products when they want.

Gives rise to reciprocity.

As you post incredibly valuable posts, you can expect your audience to buy your products, promote your brand via word-of-mouth or social media, or both, as a thank you for all the useful content you give away for free.

Creates shareable content.

Content gets shared on all social media platforms. There's very little you can accomplish by repeatedly sharing your website link on social media. Content marketing allows you to create valuable and accessible content for different social media platforms that are far more likely to go viral than your website or channel links.

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Attracts customers for free.

You can amass thousands of customers with a blog post that took a few hours to write. Google ads cost money to drive visitors to your site at a given time. However, excellent content that you write strategically can consistently bring you traffic for years.

What are the different types of Content Marketing?

Now that you recognize the potential of content marketing, here are some of its most widely used types:

Blog Content Marketing

Blogs are a type of content used for inbound marketing and to share information with your audience and followers. This information could be educated about the product or service you offer or related to a particular customer or follower.

Blogs are incredibly powerful and are widely used to convert visitors into followers and customers, thereby increasing brand awareness. The content you post depends on the goal you have with your blog and your niche.

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Video Content Marketing

Given how videos are the most engaging marketing form, you need to regularly churn out social media videos if you want to keep your brand afloat online. Videos engage the viewer in multiple ways, so watching videos makes for one-third of all online activity.


Images and visual aid can help you get your message across more effectively than words. This format enables viewers to grasp statistics and other vital information to understand the message you are trying to convey.

Infographics make for an excellent content marketing form, especially when you include relatively complicated information you want your audience to understand.


Podcasts have started to rise in popularity over the last few years. With consumers shifting towards audio for convenience and other reasons, using this type of content marketing can pay you dividends.

How do I improve my Content Marketing?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to get more out of your efforts:

Provide Value

You might be tempted to write about your business, but you are better off writing for your customers. Writing posts to address your follower's and visitors' concerns and issues will increase your chances of retaining them and getting them to buy your products. Primarily write for your customers and then occasionally write a post to promote your brand.

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Repurpose your Content

Repurposing your content is vital. You need to edit and change the way you present your content according to each channel you use. If you have blog posts, you may need to condense your ideas and messages to fit Instagram captions.

Conversely, you could post something on Instagram with a relevant caption and do a YouTube video on it. If you have a series of YouTube videos that you want people to watch, consider using YouTube cards to redirect them to your other videos.

Look at your competitors' sites to find out what consumers want.

It is easy to lose track of what people want from you. An easy way to remedy this issue is to look at other websites and find out the kind of posts they are putting up.

While you do this, pay attention to the posts that get a lot of engagement because that's what you want for your posts. Besides your competitors' blogs, look at their social media handles, and do the same.

If you are a beginner at content marketing and we're looking for a quick guide to help you get started, this should do the trick.

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