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Euphoria Season 2: Plot | Trailer | Cast

Euphoria is an American drama that explores the ideas of love sex trauma substance abuse as faced by a group of teenagers. Season 1 is a massive hit and season 2 has already been confirmed. Zendaya, performing as the lead, has simply mesmerized us with her portrayal. Euphoria Season 2 is a must watch!

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The Predecessors

Euphoria is a lot like the show Skins(US and UK). The show focused on a group of teenagers who were going through the emotional and psychological roller-coaster of being a teenager in a world of dark matters and cruel expectations. It was cancelled later as it had too much explicit content. 

Euphoria seems to take this idea, revamp it and made it more appropriate, complex and credible through the awesome actors and powerful storyline. 

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Plot of Euphoria Season 2

a glimpse from euphoria season 2
Showcasing a still from Euphoria Season 2!

Rue is a teenager who is fighting drug addiction. She came in contact with oxycodone when her father was receiving it for his cancer treatment. Apart from this second part of the plot revolves around Jules, Nate. Maddie, Mackie, Tyler, and Ethan also make destructive decisions as their past trauma responses. 

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The narrative of Euphoria Season 2

The narrative is a complicated one. The story is told from Rue's perspective. But the viewers cannot trust them as all addicts are liars and this makes her just unreliable. When she is intoxicated she fails to distinguish between reality and fantasy. We too get drawn to it.  It gives her the much-needed sense of happiness, the euphoria. 

Rue's Evolution 

Rue has only fallen into this pit of addiction because of her father's death which she could not accept. The loss was overwhelming and drugs were the only way she knew would help. The series shows Rue's striving to get back on her feet, be sober and break the cycle of toxic relations. She realizes her responsibility towards her family. This is how the character of Rue learns to evolve in a world that is not kind. 

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The trauma cycle

the main lead from euphoria season 2
Featuring the protagonist from Euphoria Season 2!

The story is pretty much the same as the other characters. They are not bad kids. They are teenagers with difficult past traumas who do not know how to survive in a world. They use drugs and sex to feel momentary happiness in their horrible life. They don't even understand how they are becoming toxic and troubled as most of them have no role model to look up to.  

Nate's story 

Nate discovered his father's extremely graphic porn collection when he was 11. The collection contained records of real people during the act. This changes I'm from within. He focuses on playing as a quarterback and develop severe forms of anger issues and violence.

Kat's story 

Kat is a shy girl who is fat. The pressure of maintaining the physical outlook a certain way is one of the worst forms of social bullying which Kat suffered in 6th grade. She has become appearance-conscious ever since. 


Jules had faced bouts of depression in her childhood. She had troubles with gender dysphoria. At the age of 13, she started transitioning. Her life was far from perfect and her sexual identity caused her a lot of problems. Even Nate catcalled her for being a trans person. 

Euphoria Season 2

the cast of euphoria season 2
Featuring the cast of Euphoria Season 2

The show has gained instant popularity because of the amazing acting performance, powerful story and awesome music. The complicacy of being a teenager in this ever-shifting unkind world is not very easy. That is exactly why the show has hit a nerve with the young audience. In the coming season, there will be a lot of powerful moments, acceptance, confrontation and the teens will keep battling for survival. 

Release date of Euphoria Season 2

Due to the raging covid-19 situation, the filming of the show took a back seat. Though the filming has already started, there is no specific date of release as of yet.

Euphoria Season 2 Available on 

The show is available on HBO.


Euphoria brings us face to face with our dark moments which prompt us to repeat our mistakes. It is in no way easy just to stay alive through an honest ideal. The temptation of momentary pleasure is chosen by many just so they could feel a little safe and a little happier. Euphoria tells us that all those toxic things we chose because we are afraid to move forward will cause us.  We must step up for ourselves. 

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