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Euphoria Season 2: When Will The Second Season Release Date And More!

Euphoria is an HBO drama. It is an American adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name. The show follows a group of high-school students as they tackle different issues, from love and identity to heavier themes including drugs and sex. The show quickly became the network's most popular show with younger crowds.

Euphoria Season 2

When the show first came out, it was an instant hit among viewers. It garnered over 550,000 viewers per episode. The series premiere was seen by more than 5.5 million viewers in total across HBO's platforms.

The show is making a comeback for the second time. We have all the details. Read on!

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Euphoria Season 2: What Is The Release Date?

Although HBO confirmed the second season, there is no news of a release date as of now. We will have to look out for all the announcements. We shall keep you posted!

No official release date has been announced due to production delays owing to the coronavirus. HBO originally said it would be released in 2020.

Euphoria Season 2: Cast

Zendaya impressed everyone as Rue in the first season. We are glad to know that she will be reprising her character in the second season. She announced that to fans via Twitter. 


HBO has not released an official cast, but we expect these actors to be a part- Jules (Hunter Schafer), Fezco (Angus Cloud), Lexi (Maude Apatow), Cal (Eric Dane), Nate (Jacob Elordi), Kat (Barbie Ferreira), Leslie (Nika King), Maddy (Alexa Demie), (Christopher) Algee Smith, and Cassie (Sydney Sweeney).

Storm Reid will play Rue's younger sister, Gia. An official Euphoria season 2 casting call revealed that new characters would be joining the show. Here are some details:

DARIAN: Male. 18+ to play 17. Can be of any ethnicity. An outsider. Sensitive. Vulnerable. Mischievous. Could struggle with addiction. Not one of the cool kids at school but one of the more exciting kids.


RAY: Male. 18+ to play 17. Also can be of any ethnicity. Attractive in a real and accessible way. Working-class. Might not be going anywhere in life but has a genuine smile. Scrappy but is a fighter. 


AMI: Female, in her 18-20s. Drug addict. Stripper who hates her boyfriend. Can't read a room and can make a bad situation worse.

SERENA: Female in her 50s+, Caucasian. Sassy and tough. The kind of woman who partied her entire life and attended every White snake concert. She now has several different hustles just to make a living.

Euphoria Season 2: Plot Details

It is too early to know what will happen in the next season. What we can say for sure is that Zendaya's character Rue is alive and will be back. With a host of new additions, the plot is going to take a twist. We will have to wait and watch!

Euphoria Season 2



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