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What Happened In Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1

We learned more about Fez’s past in the Euphoria season 2 debut, highlighting how everyone’s connections were evolving on New Year’s Eve. Rue encounters numerous risky circumstances, Cassie worries about Maddy’s wrath, and Lexi discovers an unexpected connection.

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Find out what happened in “Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door,” the first episode of Euphoria season 2.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1: What’s Fez’s Backstory?

Fez’s grandmother enters a strip club and shoots Fez’s father in the legs to open the episode. She apparently took Fez in and becomes his guardian/business partner because it is hinted that she did so because he was mistreating the boy. She educates him on everything she knows while they sell drugs together.

One day, his grandma discovers herself caring for an unnamed infant that was left as collateral. She adopts the youngster as well because the mother abandoned him and never returned. The moniker “Ashtray” originated after the baby smoked a cigarette while bathing in the sink. For whatever reason, Fez intervenes to prevent the man from suffering further injuries while Fez’s grandma goes to beat up the person who had mistreated her. He receives a heavy blow to the head from his grandma, which marks the first time he has ever developed a dark spot. Eventually, his grandma becomes unwell and collapses in the bathtub; Fez is forced to take her to the hospital to prevent alerting the authorities. We learn that this was the beginning of Fez’s caring for his grandmother, Ashtray, and his management of the pharmacy and store.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1: Does Ashtray Kill Mouse?

Using a hammer and nearly tearing his comrade Custer’s eyes out, Ashtray defends Fez from a furious Mouse in the present. After Mouse passes away, Fez, Ashtray, and Rue travel to see Custer’s superior Laurie. To Fez and Ashtray’s displeasure, Rue uses drugs in the car. She is then left with one of her girlfriends, Faye, who is doing heroin.

People working for Laurie bring Rue and Faye from the car into the house and insist that they strip off so that they can check to see if they are not sporting wires. Rue initially resists being searched in the shower, which adds to the tension. Eventually, Laurie appears and apologizes for the drama, saying that she was merely trying to be cautious.

Fez informs her that Mouse won’t be visiting any longer since he disapproves of the way he does trade. The three of them depart with Fez appearing to move up further on the drug trafficking food chain when he tells Laurie that he trusts both Ashtray and Rue. Rue chuckles and remarks on how remarkable a woman dealer Laure is, while Fez is irritated by her casual attitude about the circumstance.

Euphoria season 2 episode 1:Who’s Elliot?

Rue arrives at the New Year’s celebration after consuming the heroin Faye left in the vehicle and discovers Elliot using drugs in the laundry room. Rue needs his assistance crushing some Adderall because her recent drug use has caused her heartbeat to slow down. Rue claims he’s her new favorite person, while Elliot isn’t sure their meeting was a good thing.

euphoria season 2 episode 1

Jules apologizes to Kat for not spending more time with her than she should have because her world became too narrow with just Rue as they are hanging out at the party. Jules asks Rue when she returned after searching for her all night and discovering her smoking marijuana by the fire. She is told the truth by Rue: it happened the night she departed. Jules feels bad about this.

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Later that evening, Rue locates her and expresses regret for making her feel horrible. She acknowledges that she’s been struggling but still misses and longs to be with her. They exchange a kiss at midnight.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1: Does Maddy Find Out About Cassie and Nate?

On the drive to the party, Cassie and Lexi have a massive argument, which causes Cassie to get out of the van and buy doughnuts at a gas station. When Nate discovers her there, Cassie admits that she and McKay ended things because they were apart. Nate offers to drive her to the party and explains that he and Maddy are in the same situation.

Cassie agrees, and Nate begins to drive erratically while consuming alcohol. Cassie drops some beer on her lap and removes her underpants in a suggestive manner despite having earlier stated that she is not looking for a relationship. The two end up having a sexual encounter in the party bathroom.

euphoria season 2 episode 1

Nate is told to leave by Maddy as she begins to bang on the door, requesting to use the restroom. Fearing Maddy would see them depart together, Nate and Cassie devise a plan for Cassie to hide in the bathtub. However, Cassie is forced to spend a considerable amount of time hiding in the bathtub as Maddy and a male called Travis whom she met while waiting to urinate enter the bathroom to smoke. When Cassie’s phone starts ringing and Travis lifts the shower curtain to find her, it’s a really close call. He informs Maddy that a female is unconscious, and Maddy chooses not to look into it, allowing Cassie to flee unnoticed.

When McKay approaches Cassie about perhaps getting back together, Cassie responds that she shouldn’t be dating anyone because she is unsure of her moral character. When Nate notices the two of them depart for the bedroom alone, he fiercely questions McKay about whether they had sex.

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 1: Will Lexi and Fex Get Together?

When Lexi begins talking about history and the fact that she is an atheist while they are sitting on a couch at the party, Fez is immediately impressed. Even though Lexi momentarily gets up in the middle of the chat to hunt for Cassie, she quickly returns to her seat next to Fez. He confesses to her that he had missed her and that their conversation had been one of the highlights of his year. She provides him with her phone number after he asks for it.

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When Fez notices Nate across the room, the tender moment is broken. Though he actually breaks a bottle over his head and beats him until he bleeds, he acts as though he wants to make right with him. By the time it’s over, Nate is in terrible shape and must be carried away by many people.

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