Euphoria Season 2: Everything You Need to Know About This Series!


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Bring out the glittering makeup and the Zendaya fan art to complete the look: Finally, in 2022, Season 2 of Euphoria was released. Following Zendaya’s historic win at the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards, in which the 24-year-old actress took home the award for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her portrayal of teen addict Rue Bennett, HBO announced that the final pieces were finally falling into place for the highly anticipated second season of Euphoria.

Euphoria Season 2

It was ultimately shown on January 9, 2022, when the first episode of the second season premiered; the following episodes were broadcast on Sunday evenings from 9 p.m. through the end of February 2022.

Is There a Trailer for Euphoria Season 2?

Yes! ‘REMEMBER THIS FEELING’ is the enigmatic slogan that HBO Max used to promote the second season of the show, which premiered on December 20, 2021. A piece of luggage can be seen being wheeled into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at the start of the almost three-minute footage. Then we hear Rue’s voiceover about Jules stating, “When I first met her, I fell in love right away.” Rue and Jules dancing, Rue meeting a new friend, Cassie having a bathroom fashion breakdown, Maddy pondering pregnancy (?! ), Rue fighting with her mother, and what can only be a terrible New Year’s Eve party are all shown in the trailer. I can’t wait to see you!

What Happened at the End of Euphoria Season 1?

Rue relapsed (in a strange musical sequence), Jules left for the big city, Kat and Ethan got together at the winter formal, Cassie sought an abortion, and Maddy stole an incriminating CD from Nate’s room, which might lead to the exposure of Nate’s father.

What Has the Cast Said About Euphoria Season 2?

According to Sydney Sweeney, who portrays Cassie in the show, in an interview with Stylecaster, a season 2 plot arc that is allegedly so outlandish that it even surprised her was teased: “I’ll tease you by saying that when you ask about season 2, my heart sinks. In a way that says, “You people have no idea what you’re going to watch.” Cassie needs to get her sh*t together if she wants to be successful. I’m at a loss for what to say next. Cassie has a strange narrative in season 2 that I was not expecting. I was wrong about Cassie. Every time I read a new episode written by Sam, my jaw drops to the floor, and I can’t believe that this is something that came from someone’s head.”

Zendaya said the following with Teen Vogue in July: “It’s undoubtedly difficult, and it’s a really difficult season. It’s going to be difficult, and it’s going to be terrible at times, but I believe Rue deserves all of the attention paid to her character because I believe she symbolizes a great deal for a large number of people. And I hope that our portrayals of Rue [as well as] the locations where all of the characters end up would make those folks pleased. This season, on the other hand, I don’t believe will be simple. I don’t believe it’s going to be a really entertaining film to see. Sometimes.”

Jacob Elordi also teased viewers with the faint but tantalizing hint that they could anticipate a “crazy” sophomoric season and “a completely new show” when the program returns to the small screen in the fall. Additionally, he indicated to Esquire that “there will be a lot more time spent in his house, with his family” in season two.

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Showrunner Sam Levinson announced that the upcoming season of Euphoria would be…dark, to put it mildly. He made the announcement in a September piece for British Vogue. What I like about Z is that she is able to travel to those dark places, yet as soon as I call cut, she is back behind the monitor eating Cheesecake Factory and making jokes.

Meanwhile, Daniella Davy, the show’s makeup artist, has revealed to CNN that the second season is in the works “a more mature sense of euphoria…

A long period of time has passed. Everyone has matured a little bit. Our story continues in the same spot, although the world has changed a little bit since we last met. The world of Euphoria has evolved, just as our own world has.”

Zendaya expressed her feelings about the negative response to season two in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in February 2022 “It was critical for certain characters who we didn’t get to spend much time with during the previous season to have more time to get to know them and explore their personalities this season. Nonetheless, Rue serves as a somewhat unreliable narrator in that she is simply attempting to get by without anybody noticing what she is doing, and she is also attempting to avoid being apprehended.”

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Did the Whole Cast of Euphoria Return for Season 2?

Rue did not die in the season finale, according to showrunner Sam Levinson, who previously confirmed this. “He continued, “I think Rue has a long and difficult journey ahead of her,” telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2019, “It’s not something I want to cut short because of who Rue means to me as someone who has battled addiction and come out on the other end of it, and because I think there’s a lot more to delve into and unpack in terms of the effects of addiction on Rue and her family and those around her.” In a lot of respects, the options are limitless.”

Hunter Schafer spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her aspirations for her character’s season 2 journey, and she confirmed that she will be returning to the show in the same position as she did in season 1.

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“I think I’d want to see Jules continue to work on herself in the sense that she’s still dealing with some serious issues, and I’d like to see her continue to analyse that and feel it out,” Schafer said. “I believe she learns best by doing things for herself. And thus, in order for her to get the experiences she requires without becoming messy, she benefits from the loving parent/sister connection I believe I have with her. That’s exactly what I want for her, though who knows how things may turn out in the end. I’m certain it will be more chaotic than I would have wished for her.”

Did Anyone New Join the Cast of Euphoria Season 2?

In August, HBO announced three new additions to the cast of Euphoria: Minka Kelly, a Friday Night Lights alum and TV mainstay; Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., a newcomer who was recently cast in 50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family; and singer and performer Dominic Fike. Minka Kelly, a Friday Night Lights alum and TV mainstay; Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory “It seems like a continuous music video,” Fike said of the upcoming season of Euphoria, according to Variety.

Season 2 also saw the addition of actor Kelvin Harrison Jr. (Luce, Waves) to the ensemble cast. He was apparently meant to appear in season 1 but was unable to do so owing to a scheduling difficulty, so Levinson crafted a scene for him to appear in. I know this character is unlike anything I’ve ever seen on television based on the table readings,” he added. “Sam is still finding it out.” “I honestly have no clue how to define this character, but I can say that Kelvin is one of the most gifted performers working today,” Levinson said in a statement to GQ magazine.

A representative for Lil Nas X stated that he enjoys the show and would have loved to have been in season 2, but that schedule difficulty prevented him from appearing. “Originally, I had planned to perform Euphoria, but I didn’t want to take time away from finishing my record.” According to Variety, “It was going to be fantastic…Season 3 is on the way.”

What Happened in the in-between Euphoria Episodes?

Seasons 1 and 2 of the show featured “special COVID episodes” to assist bridge the extraordinarily lengthy gap between the two seasons. Zendaya originally alluded to the intermissions between episodes during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in August. In her words at the time, “I don’t really know how to express it, but it’s an episode that we can perform with a restricted number of people in a safer setting.” “Because we, as the individuals who produce it, are also missing Euphoria,” says the author.

Rue’s Christmas celebrations were the focus of the episode, which aired in early December and was named “Trouble Don’t Last Always.” Levinson and Schafer collaborated on the writing of the second episode, which was titled “F*ck Anyone Who Isn’t a Sea Blob.”

A Vulture interview with Schafer revealed that the episode’s unusual title came up accidentally after a chat between the two writers, Levinson and Schafer, wondering which animals they most resembled. ‘This tiny sea blob or sea angel is a personal favorite of mine,’ she explained. The creature is a bright, translucent gelatinous entity with wings that is gorgeous, transparent, and glowing. “If I could inhabit a vessel like that…maybe in another life,” I think to myself.

Schafer’s identity is strongly associated with the title and the sea blob, according to her statement. To want for another vessel is also relevant to transness in some respects, to those who aren’t pleased with the mostly binary, unchanging image of what it is to be a person that is passed down to us from the beginning. To put it bluntly: it is saying, “Fuck everybody who isn’t down with that.” But, on a more serious note, everyone is on board with it; everyone wants it. As a result, no one is being fucked. “It’s more in line with ‘Fuck standards.'”

What Did Critics Say About Euphoria Season 2?

After seeing the series for the first time, Complex’s William Goodman gave it an enthusiastic review. “Euphoria is a rollercoaster ride, and its intense nature makes it simple to compare the series to that.” It takes a certain amount of calm to realise you’re falling once you realise you’re falling, and we’ve reached the other side of the drop now. “It is in this calm area that the show’s sophomore season proves itself as the finest exhibition of youthful acting ability currently airing on television,” says the creator.

“The new episodes provide situations that are so intelligent or artistically portrayed that Euphoria may seem in that moment like one of the very greatest series television has created in a long time,” Alan Sepinwall said in a more mixed review for Rolling Stone. Other times, they are so annoying and self-indulgent that you may begin to doubt your enjoyment of the more enjoyable portions.”

Euphoria Season 2

According to Alison Foreman of Mashable, “Maybe I’m projecting,” but “two years into a global crisis, Euphoria feels incredibly grown up in its stretching of classic teen themes for an audience saturated by uneasiness and anxiety at all ages,” she continued.

Writing for the New Yorker, Naomi Fry noted that, “despite its constantly distressing moments, the first four episodes of the second season were the first time that “Euphoria” had genuinely seemed enjoyable to me…

Every high, however, comes with a down, and the hilarity comes to a stop in Episode 5, which abruptly shifts focus to the terrible automobile collision that has been building up during the previous episodes’ lengthy joyride. In the beginning, “Euphoria” was what convinced me to take the drugs, and now it was telling me that it was time to get help.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season has received an 84 percent audience rating and an 83 percent critics’ rating, with the “critical consensus” reading: “As willfully provocative as ever in its second season, Euphoria still isn’t for everyone’s tastes—but when its addictive ingredients are mixed just right, the results remain intoxicating.”