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Esaret Season 2 Release Date: Discover Turkish Drama Series Of Revenge And Romance With Complicated Twists!


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Is there any news for the Esaret season 2 release date? This Turkish show tells the story of Orhun, the heir to the Demirhan family, The show discovers his insatiable thirst for personal revenge after his sister was murdered. Hira, a lifelong slave, walks crosses Orhun’s path. Their romantic relationship complicates matters because their worlds are vastly different and appear to be doomed.

Release Date Of Esaret Season 2

The first episode of Esaret Season 1 was released on 21st Nov 2022. For now, there is no news on the release of 2nd Season of Esaret. The first season is still running. We will know about the 2nd season once 1st season ends.

Cast Of Esaret Series

  • Cenk Torun as Orhun Demirhanlı. who sets clear guidelines for himself and others and strictly follows them.
  • Mahassine Merabet as Hira Demirhanlı.
  • Ali Yağız Durmuş as Kenan a famous lawyer. Kenan shows no fear in standing up against anyone who has caused harm
  • Hilal Anay as Meryem is deeply connected to his emotions and can remain serene and patient in challenging situations.
  • Yağmur Çelik as Nurşah Demirhanlı who is Afife’s last child
  • Sinem Karaçoban as Nefes.
  • Pervin Mert as Perihan.
  • Yaren Yıldırım as Eda.
  • Esra Demirci as Feriha.
  • Bülent Ergün as Reşit.
  • Öncil Aktarıcı as Feriha.

Premise Of Esaret Series

Orhun is a successful entrepreneur who was raised in a wealthy but unloving family. His family has his twin sister Nihan, his younger sister Nurşah, and his mother Afife. Nihan left to volunteer as a doctor in Eritrea. But then the family was unable to contact her. It caused them anxiety and concern.

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Orhun decides to go on a mission to find and bring back his twin sister. During his journey, he meets Hira. Hira is a destitute girl living in captivity under the control of human traffickers. Orhun becomes emotionally overwhelmed after learning that Nihan was poisoned.

Esaret Season 2 Release Date

She was murdered by a local gang.  It is revealed that Hira was duped into poisoning his sister by the gang. Orhun then devises a  revenge plan. He will bring Hira back to his home, but instead of rescuing her from captivity. He will then purposefully worsen her situation.

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Afife tells Orhun that she lied to her children for years about their father’s death. Orhun plans to marry Hira, which upsets his mother. His  mother hates lower-status people and is obsessed with maintaining “pure blood.”

Recap Of Esaret Season 1

The recent episode premiered on 7th April 2023. In Esaret episode 87, the focus is on Ali’s adjustment to family life. Nurşah, who has been missing for a few episodes, is back as Ali’s partner. Nurşah like Hira is immediately taken with Ali. The only problem in the house is Afife. She acts as Orhun’s enemy and attempts to keep others from approaching him too closely.

Esaret Season 2 Release Date

Moses, Perihan, and Eda have fun together. Wonderful is upset as Kenan and Meryem’s relationship becomes more open. Kenan still loves Meryem. He can’t accept Kenan beating up Kazim for her.

Spoiler For Esaret Season 2

For now, we don’t have any information about the plot of season 2. We hope whenever it comes out it will continue from where season 1 will end. Till then keep watching Season 1.

Rating And Reviews Of Esaret Series

Esaret has received crazy reviews from critics. It has become a fan favorite among many. On IMDb, the series has a rating of 6.3/10, while Dizilah has a rating of 4.4/5.

Where You Can Watch Esaret Series?

Esaret is also a well-known Turkish drama series just like Midnight at Pera Palace (who’s 2nd Season is yet to be released). It can be watched on Kanal 7. It is also available on the Youtube channel Redemption. However, there are no subtitles available for it. So those who don’t understand the Turkish language will face difficulty watching it.

Is Esaret Worth Watching?

For now, we know, the 1st season of this Turkish series is going on. The characters’ bond and deep affection for one another could have been explored in greater depth, elevating Esaret to the pinnacle of television shows. Turkish television series has a global audience, with viewers from all over the world tuning in. It is highly recommended that you watch this show!

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