Arriving at Elite Aesthetics Med Spa in Los Angeles, Erika Jayne Gets Pampered After Stating She Can’t Afford the $2.2 Million Tax Payment!


David Mudd

Elite Aesthetics medical clinic in Los Angeles welcomed Erika Jayne on Friday.

There were no sparkle and glamour for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s outing.

Her golden blonde hair was tied back in a bun at the top with a black scrunchie for an elegant look.

Comes as the singer’s $2 million tax bill was discovered to be unaffordable.

Her divorced husband, Tom Girardi, is set to file for bankruptcy in 2020, and the model has been caught up in the proceedings, claiming she can’t afford to pay $2,226,985.77 in California state taxes from 2019.

A recent episode of RHOBH had her saying: ‘You can downsize and we’ve shrunk, right?’ ‘Your glam’ is defined by the things you don’t compromise on.’

Her $40,000-a-month entourage of make-up and hair stylists is what she refers to as “glam” on Bravo.

Erika Jayne

The night before she was to be pampered, Jayne wore a black crewneck sweater with white writing across the front.

With her casual attire, the mother-of-one wore a pair of black jogging sweatpants.

The black Nike Air Force 1s she was wearing on her way to the West Hollywood med spa had a platformed white sole.

She paired them with black low-cut ankle socks and a thick pair of black sunglasses to keep her eyes protected.

Beauty services including body shaping, cellulite treatment, and injectables like lip fillers are available at the cosmetic shop.

Reservations are required for visits to this “world first art gallery spa,” according to the center’s official website.

The posh salon’s self-described “body sculpting experts” give specific high-end delights.

Erika recorded a video for the company’s Instagram account while she was visiting.

Their EmSculpt NEO body contouring technique was the bombshell’s preferred service.

As an outtake, she posted an image of the equipment used to administrate it and included a link to the company website.

Erika was also shown reclining on a bed with her blouse lifted to allow the apparatus to wrap around her belly. Another excerpt.

To the camera, she said: “Okay. Hello, there. The EmSculpt treatment, which is like doing 24,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes at Elite Aesthetics, is one of my favourite things to get done.

‘I guarantee it works,’ he said. She was curled up in a ball with her arms behind her head, a blanket covering her bottom half.

Despite getting a warning from the California tax board in May, Erika claimed in court records acquired by PEOPLE that she did not have the ‘capacity’ to make a payment.

The statement in the filing reads: ‘I am now working with my company manager, who is also an accountant, to determine the foundation for this tax liability. Amount due to the [California Franchise Tax Board] is beyond my means.’

Erika Jayne

In the documents, Erika says she’s not sure if the tax board is “claiming any form of lien” on the $750,000 set of earrings she’s been requested to surrender because of Tom’s bankruptcy case.

Tom’s legal firm, Girardi Keese, has previously argued that the earrings were purchased through a client trust and written off as a tax cost. In order to aid Tom’s creditors, Erika was compelled to return the things.

Erika declared in her petition that she had never worked at the legal office of GK. ‘I was never in charge of GK’s funds. I have no knowledge of how TG or GK handled any of their client trust accounts while I worked for them.’

Based on the information I had at the time, TG and our marriage community were quite wealthy, and TG and GK were both extremely well-paid. No reason to dispute TG’s ability to pay for the earrings,’ she continued.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never heard or read anything about any of TG’s presents, including the earrings in 2007, being purchased with money from TG that was not his or someone else’s.’

Tom ‘managed all of our marital funds’ and had ‘absolutely no participation or knowledge’ of TG and GK’s business methods during their marriage, Erika said, and she made it plain that she had ‘absolutely no involvement or knowledge’ of their business practises.

Edelson PC filed a class action lawsuit against Erika and her ex-husband in December 2020, accusing them of fraud and theft in connection with cash meant for the victims of the 2018 Lion Air Flight 610 tragedy.

Although she was dropped from the Illinois case against Girardi in January, the removal does not necessarily represent a victory for the singer in terms of the law. Re-filing the case in a new jurisdiction is the only option.

Tom’s net worth was reportedly estimated at $264 million, and as a result of the incident, the couple had to leave their opulent Pasadena property.

After 21 years of marriage, Jane revealed in November 2020 that she and powerful attorney Tom had separated.

During this week’s episode of RHOBH, Erika defended her decision to bring her hair and cosmetics crew on a trip to Mexico with her other housewives.

If you’d like to downsize, that’s OK with us. There are some things you can’t compromise on, and one of them is your glam, she said in an on-screen confessional, as images of her having her hair and lips done were presented.

Throughout her testimony, pictures of her blonde extensions, numerous jewellery pieces, and cosmetics boxes could be seen in the background.

Erika made the comparison between individuals who chose to have big kids and others who prefer to support their extravagant lifestyles. Makeup and hair are forms of art in and of themselves. I’m a fan of living art, and I find it fascinating. And that’s the only way to assess it. Everyone is free to have large families if they choose to do so. My wardrobe needs a major overhaul.’

In order to appear beautiful, Erika remarked on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show: “It’s hair, cosmetics, outfit, and then those individuals who assist facilitate that…they’re not cheap.”

Real-life celebrity and pop singer Kourtney Kardashian is also renowned for talking about her lavish lifestyle in her song Xxpen$ive.

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