Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend: Amanda Kaylor Abuse Him After Bachelorette Finale


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The Bachelorette finale continues the aftermath even after Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend’s fiancé Erich Schwer confronted his former flame Amanda Kaylor’s claims regarding their pre-show relationship on The Bachelorette: After the Final Rose, she has spoken about with Us Weekly. Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda has claimed to the report on 20th September that –

Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend

“He sent me two dozen roses two weeks after I ended things because I didn’t wanna stay with him while he went on the show. … With a note saying, ‘I’ll never stop thinking about you,’” “[His comments on the finale are] such bulls—t but wish them the best. She will learn.”

Prior to this month, Bachelor nation scoop shared Erich and Amanda’s alleged text messages through Instagram. According to them from March, the real estate analyst claims that the show is not real; he was getting the opportunity because he is stuck in my career path.

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Jesse Palmer Revealed the Screenshots at the Time of Afr.

“I met this girl about a month before it started and I had no idea I was going to come here. Ultimately, I realized that there was not a connection long-term, and it was about the same time the show reached out,” Erich claimed to the host with Gabby by his side. “I handled it poorly, 100 percent. I led her on and I want to own that.”

Erich continued: “I kind of took the easy way out in a sense. I didn’t want to have the hard conversation. … It’s a mistake that I made on my part.” “taking the cowardly way out” by leading Amanda on, but his relationship with Gabby is “100 percent real.”

“I was using the show as an excuse to not confront her about our relationship at this point where I didn’t see a future but we were having fun,” he said.

Then further Gabby also confirmed for part that she was known with the texts –

“way before they were leaked” following part one of the finale.

“He was thinking about me and we’ve had these conversations time and time again,” the ICU nurse said. “Our communication has just gotten better and he’s gracious and he’s honest, so I do believe what he said. … His honesty and willingness to take accountability is all I can ask for in a partner.”

Even though there are hiccups, but still Gabby and Erich are going strong.

“Hard launch,” the Dancing With the Stars contestant gushed alongside a series of photos on Tuesday via Instagram.

Erich shared sweet snaps too, writing, “How ‘bout that ride in? ❤️ u stupid.”

What’s the Reason to Leak Text Messages of Erich From Amanda?

Amanda spoke with Us weekly and claimed that Erich has met her son.

Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend

“Just the lack of honesty when it came from him. I feel like [going on The Bachelorette] was something that he, maybe, had in his mind longer than … obviously, I found out right before,” “He let me introduce him to him the week leading up to that and then in my head, that’s kind of messed up to do knowing that [The Bachelorette is] a potential option and I don’t believe that he just got the news March 10 because they’re filming two weeks later. … I was just blindsided and hurt.”

She added that she initially shared in July the messages, but they didn’t get attention until Erich was the finalist.

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Are Amanda and Erich dating officially?

Well, this duo did not have labels but she told that their relationship was very intense.

“We were obsessed with each other,” she said, alleging that “every single day that month he was texting me, ‘I need to be with you, I need to see you.’ …  We really enjoyed each other. It came out of nowhere completely and really crushed me, and him and I were going back and forth on how upset we were.”

Did Erich Spoken With Amanda?

Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda told that she did not heard anything from Erich or Gabby since the messages were leaked. She last heard from Erich in July when he apologized Amanda again. Therefore Amanda said that –

“If I were her, I would be questioning it. If I were her, I would definitely be a little taken back that he went on the show with bad intentions and had been leading someone on until the day he left,”. “But I don’t know her. I don’t know their relationship. All I know is that what he did to me is very messed up and they can take what they want.”

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What is the Reaction of Amanda to Erich and Gabby’s Relationship?

Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend Amanda concluded that –

Erich Schwer Ex Girlfriend

“If him and Gabby are for real, and he moved on and found someone, then I’m happy for him. I just hope that this isn’t just part of his plan to gain something from this because I mean, he really had me fooled,”

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