Eric Rohan Justin: Who’s the Culprit of the Ultimate Killing Scenario?


Saloni Singh

An outsider from the web appearing close to home isn’t what the vast majority anticipate. This is precisely exact thing happened to the popular TikTok adolescent star Ava Majury, when Eric Rohan Justin showed up.

It was uncovered by the group of a 15-year-old TikTok star that her ex-police father shot and killed a stalker after he appeared at their home with a gun in July and endeavored to kill the young lady. The stalker had separated the front entryway with the weapon and torn it open.

Ava Majury started involving TikTok in 2020 when she was thirteen years of age. She at present has in excess of 1,000,000 adherents conveyed north of three distinct virtual entertainment locales. Most of her recordings highlight her singing, moving, or pulling pragmatic tricks on her loved ones.

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A stalker named Eric Rohan Justin, 18, found her in Naples, Florida, in July in the wake of buying her own data from a companion. He was 18 at that point.

Who Was Eric Rohan Justin, and What Was His Story?

He showed up at the home furnished with a gun and discharged a fired through the front entryway. His rifle stuck, and the slug missed him.

As Ava made sense of in a morning post distributed Thursday, “I basically recollect hearing it and feeling it somewhere down in my chest, and afterward I looked up and saw a garbage filled opening in my entryway,” as per the New York Times.

eric rohan justin

Ava and her siblings, ages 17 and 11, clustered together in their folks’ room while their previous cop father, Robert, continued to the front of the house with a rifle close by and a firearm in his mouth.

At the point when Eric got back to the scene after a time of stowing away, Robert shot and killed him. Because of Florida’s “hold your ground” guidelines, the homicide was not arraigned in light of the fact that it was considered legitimate under those regulations.

They discussed how they moved from New Jersey to Florida, where Robert filled in as a cop in New Jersey, to carry on with a more tranquil retirement life. It was then that Ava started her TikTok profession and met Justin, who turned into her beau.

He left remarks on her Facebook page under the pen name, irritated her with messages, and, surprisingly, reached an old colleague of hers in New Jersey, as per the police.

They sold him photos of her that were not accessible on the web and furnished him with her telephone number. Vulnerability encompasses how much cash he spent to acquire her telephone number.

Is Ava Majury Still on TikTok?

The Majury family moved to Florida from New Jersey back in 2019.

The New York Times article reports that the young person is still on the famous virtual entertainment application.

Ava is supposedly acquiring “a large number of dollars in sponsorship bargains” on TikTok.

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She additionally is acquiring the consideration from Hollywood makers as well as unscripted television makers for her story.

The distinction she has acquired from TikTok has streamed into other online entertainment applications too.

Ava is likewise acquiring sponsorship bargains on Instagram and Snapchat, as well.

“Her manifestations, her reaches, her recordings turned out to be such a major piece of her that to remove it would have been hard,” her dad told the NY Times.

“We picked what’s best for our family,” Ava’s mom, Kim Majury, added.

“We realize there will be different sides, and certain individuals will not comprehend.'”

eric rohan justin

Stalker Opens Fire at Ava’s House

Out of the blue, Ava imparted her sickening stalker story to The New York Times this week.

She uncovered that in mid 2020, not long after she joined TikTok, a supporter with the username EricJustin111 started remarking on her TikTok recordings and sending her messages.

From the outset, she barely cared about it, yet he before long assembled hold of her telephone number and started following her. She later discovered that her companions in New Jersey and Florida had been giving out her own data.

On July tenth, after a progression of vile messages, he turned up at her family home with a shotgun and impacted open the front entryway.

All I recollect was, I heard it, I felt it in my chest, and I gazed upward, and there was an opening in my entryway from the sections,” she said.

Ava’s dad Mr Majury, who is a resigned police lieutenant, pursued off the shooter however he got back to the home once more. Then, at that point, after he pointed a shotgun at him, Mr Majury fired the stalker dead with good reason.

The Gunman was Eric Rohan Justin

  • The New York Times named the stalker as a teen called Eric Rohan Justin.
  • They said that he was 18-years of age from Ellicott City, Maryland who went to Mount Hebron High School.
  • His personality was affirmed by his dad, Justin Dominic, a programmer who separated from his mom in 2015.
  • “He was a pleasant youngster. I’m speechless. I don’t have any idea what turned sour with him. He pursued a terrible decision,” he said.
  • Police told the Majury fmaily that Eric was conveying two telephones containing large number of photos of Ava and many hours of her recordings.

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Ava’s dad said that he isn’t dependent upon indictment for killing Eric because of Florida’s “persevere” regulation which legitimizes show of violence.

eric rohan justin


How Old Was Eric Justin?

The family asserts the supposed shooter was 18-year-old Eric Justin, who purportedly sent Ava many messages across her online entertainment accounts. Ava’s folks say Justin began requesting unequivocal photographs of their little girl after two selfies were offered to the supporter.

Who Is Ava Majury?

Ava Majury is a 15-year-old TikToker whose father shot and killed her supposed stalker in July 2021. Last month, Majury affirmed against a second man she said followed her. The case was excused. Majury’s legal advisor told Insider she needs to remain via web-based entertainment to caution others about internet based dangers.

Where Does Ava Majury Live?

She is as of now residing in Naples, Florida where last year her dad shot the stalker. She was brought into the world on September 6, 2006, as the second offspring of her loved ones. Many photos of her young life have been shared by her over web-based entertainment.

eric rohan justin


As per the New York Times, Ava got a Venmo message in August, only a couple of months after the shooting, from a her man $1,000 in return for her telephone data, as per the story.

As detailed by The New York Times, the one who gave her the moniker “Young lady” was subsequently found by her folks to have a similar last name as an enlisted sex guilty party who had been captured for chasing after a 14-year-old young lady before.

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