Epic’s New Acquisition: Cubic Motion


David Mudd

A lot of criteria have to be met by games in order to be successful. One such criterion is animation. Animation is the first thing anyone notices when it comes to gaming.

Everyone knows Epic Games. Games like Fortnite has really taken gaming to a new level. Considering how hot the game is, Epic must’ve made tons of money! It would seem logical if Epic invested this money on improvements.

Acquisition Of A Certain Company

Epic Games has bought a new UK based company ‘Cubic Motion’. This company was bought for the way they capture facial animation. Founded in 2009, Cubic Motion has worked on huge projects like Call Of Duty, Spider-Man, etc. Impressive feat.

Epic bought Cubic Motion for an undisclosed fee. This might be a good move as this decade might be more challenging. With Cubic Motion’s expertise, it certainly looks like Epic Games getting more epic? That was a bad joke, I apologize.

Cubic Motion

Founded in 2009, Cubic Motion has gone on to become one of the best automated facial animation providers in the video game market. Cubic Motion is involved in the animation of certain blockbuster games, movies, and TV series. Games like The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Blood And Truth, Call Of Duty: WWII, God Of War, Metro Exodus, Anthem, etc. You do see how famous most entries here, don’t you?

Cubic Motion boasts a huge arsenal, containing a huge number of computer engineers and dozens of world renown computer scientists. Their client list seems to prove my point. DICE, WB Games, Codemasters, Treyarch, etc have hired this particular company. Applaudable.


In the end, all I can say is that Epic Games has done great business. Purchasing Cubic Motion might boost its economy and the quality of the games they design. This might have cost them a lot but it certainly promises to bring back a lot more to the company. I am really excited about the quality this company might bring to video games this decade.