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Epic Games: Epic Games Store Features Two Free Games This Week


David Mudd

The lockdowns that are happening because of the COVID-19 outbreak is getting on nerves now. So many countries are under the lockdowns for many months. That’s why the entertainment world like Amazon, Disney, Video game companies are coming up with new ideas to reduce the boredom. Even The Epic Games Store also features two free games this week that are worthy of checking out.

Epic Game Stores

It is an American video game publishing and developing company. Tim Sweeny founded the company in 1991. Tim has a more than 50% share of the company and Tencent has the rest of the shares. Epic Games created the Unreal Gaming engine which was one of the most successful video game engines. They also developed many well-known games like Fortnite Battle Royale, Gears of Wars Series, etc.

Epic Games

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Free Games On Epic Games Store

The company adds free games from time to time in its Epic Store. They choose these tactics to improve storefront’s PR. That’s why the company decided to give out free games until the end of 2020. Some of the games are –

  • World war Z, Figment– 26th March to 2nd April
  • For The King – 23rd April to 30th April
  • Just Cause 4, Wheels Of Aurelia – 16th April to 23rd April
  • Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishment – 9th April to 16th April, and all.

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Current Free Games That Are Available For This Week In The Store

Epic Games

Well, the good news is there are two famous games are available in the Epic Game Store for this week. They are – Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Crashlands. Among them, Amnesia is a survival horror game that can give a chill to your spine. And the other one is crafting ARPG. Players need to do crafting battle on the way to crashlands.

So, are you ready to chill at the weekend? If not then go for it now. Epic Games Store is waiting for you with their two amazing games.