Enthusiasts Should Play These Variants of Poker


Sandeep Singh

Poker tops the list of the most popular card games of all time, which is justified since millions of players around the world enjoy the game. According to Merriam-Webster, poker is a collection of numerous card games in which players bet their hand’s value is greater than that of their opponents. The other players can choose from three options based on their cards – to either equal the bet, raise it, or drop out. The player who holds the highest hand at the end is declared the winner of the game. Besides being a fun card game, poker also benefits the players in numerous ways. It enhances their decision-making and mathematics skills. The game also teaches players how to be calm and patient during stressful situations. Moreover, playing poker frequently significantly facilitates them to enhance their focus and concentration since the game is not luck-based.

The popularity of the game is not restricted to the offline version only. The online versions of the addictive card are played religiously around the globe, especially in India. Thanks to the availability of numerous platforms which offer different variants of the card game, online poker in India is extremely popular. Fans can conveniently indulge in any form of poker from anywhere as long as they have a smartphone and a stable internet connection. The convenience of accessing and playing online poker games is one of the primary reasons the card game’s virtual versions are so famous.

Poker enthusiasts who love playing poker frequently should try out the following interesting poker variants for a change:

  • Mississippi Stud

An underrated variant of poker that has all the best features to make it stand out is Mississippi Stud. It is conveniently available on all major online poker platforms. At the beginning of the game, the dealer deals five cards to each player. By using only the dealt five cards, players must create their best hand. Any player who deals a better hand than all others gets the chance to win massive rewards. The players who get at least a pair of sixes or better cards qualify for further rounds. In most Mississippi Stud games, players are prohibited from raising their hands. However, some big games may allow players to place wagers before the round begins.

  • No Limit Texas Hold’Em

No-Limit Texas Hold ’em or NL Holdem is one of the most popular poker types played extensively by poker enthusiasts. The main aim of players in a No-Limit Texas Hold ’em poker match is to acquire an unrivaled 5-card hand that will facilitate them to win the pot or wager money at the end. The term “No Limit” signifies that players can place bets of any amount, i.e., there is no limit to the number of bets. Two face-down cards are dealt to each player by the dealer, followed by three community cards. The difference between the first two cards and three community cards is that the latter are dealt face-up, whereas the initial ones are hole cards. By using the dealt cards, players need to create the best hand. Before the dealer distributes the hole cards, players must place forced bets in the pot. The player occupying the small blind position is the first to make a bet. The next person to place their bet is the one who holds the big blind position. This poker variant becomes more interesting primarily because players can place massive bets since there are no restrictions.

  • Seven Card Stud

Seven Card Stud is another popular variant of poker. This variant of poker offers players and viewers a lot of entertainment, thanks to its exciting features.When the Seven Card Stud variant was introduced, it was not very well-received by the masses. However, over the years, its popularity grew exponentially. In this type of poker, the dealer begins the game by dealing two hole cards and one face-up card to each player. Then, based on their cards, players decide whether they want to bet or fold. This trend continues as long as all the players’ cards are face up. The moment the dealer deals the seventh card, players’ hands get completed, and they get another opportunity to decide between folding and betting. One of the major differences between other forms of poker and this one is that the others involve the use of community cards, whereas Seven Card Stud does not feature community cards. Players can only build their best hands by using the seven cards. Since there is a betting schedule involved, players do not have to worry about going all-in on any specific hand.

  • Omaha

Omaha is a popular variant of poker that shares many similarities with Texas Hold ’em poker. The major difference between the two is that in Omaha, dealers provide the players with four-hole cards compared to the two-hole cards in Texas Hold ’em. After being dealt with four hold cards, players receive three community cards each. In Omaha, players can use only any two-hole cards and the three community cards to make the best possible hands. There are numerous variants of Omaha, such as Omaha lowball, Omaha high-low split pot, etc. The game also involves different types of betting, namely pot limit, fixed limit, and no limit.

Poker has numerous variants that enthusiasts can conveniently access by navigating to online poker platforms. Players who wish to learn a different variant of the popular card game and develop new skills can choose from the numerous ones mentioned above and get started.