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Michael Apted directed the 2002 American thriller Enough. The movie is based on Anna Quindlen’s best-selling novel Black and Blue, which came out in 1998. Jennifer Lopez plays Slim, a wife who is mistreated but learns to fight back. When it came out, most critics didn’t like Enough, but now it’s often mentioned as a good thriller that didn’t get enough attention.

The Plot

Slim works as a waitress in a diner in Los Angeles. She meets Mitch Hiller there, and he stops a rude man from hitting on her. They end up getting married, having a daughter named Gracie, and living happily in a big house.

Slim finds out Mitch has been cheating on her for years later. When she says she’s going to leave, he starts hitting her and making threats. He says that because he makes the money, he can do whatever he wants, and he won’t end his affair unless she wants to fight him.

Slim tells Mitch’s mother about the abuse, but she doesn’t care and acts like Slim is to blame. Ginny, her best friend, tells her to leave him and file a report, but when she goes to the police, they can’t help her.

Mitch tells Slim that he knows she told his mother about the abuse, and he hits her again. Slim realizes that she has no choice but to take Gracie and leave. Late at night, Slim asks her friends to help her and Gracie get away, but Mitch stops the plan. They all get away after a fight.

Mitch freezes and drains Slim’s bank accounts, so she can’t pay for a place to live. He finds her at a cheap motel and tries to break into her room, but she and Gracie get away and move to Seattle to stay with an old friend named Joe.

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Next day, FBI agents intimidate Joe and vandalise his flat. Slim visits Jupiter, her wealthy, distant father. Jupiter claims he doesn’t know Slim and thinks she wants money despite her childhood letters. Slim and Gracie temporarily stay at a commune. Jupiter subsequently informs her that Mitch’s pals threatened him, prompting him to help her. She starts a new life with his money. He encourages her to contact him for additional money.

Joe visits Slim, but Mitch and Gracie escape. Lawyers advise her she can’t do much. Slim hides in San Francisco and sends Gracie away to train in Krav Maga self-defense with a lady who looks like her. She breaks into Mitch’s new residence, hides his guns, jams the phone, and leaves bogus letters indicating she’s there to discuss Gracie’s custody while she waits for him. Slim knocks Mitch senseless before throwing him off a balcony, killing him. Police said she acted in self-defense. Slim and Gracie reunite and relocate to Seattle with Joe.

The Cast And Characters

  • Jennifer Lopez as Slim Hiller / Erin Ann Shleeter
  • Mitch Hiller is played by Billy Campbell
  • Tessa Allen as Gracie Hiller / Queen Elizabeth Shleeter, Slim and Mitch’s daughter Juliette Lewis as Ginny, Slim’s friend
  • Dan Futterman plays Joe, who used to date Slim.
  • Noah Wyle plays Robbie, a police officer who works with Mitch.

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  • Fred Ward played Slim’s father, Jupiter.
  • Christopher Maher plays Slim’s stepfather, Phil, played by
  • Janet Carroll played Mitch Hiller’s mother, Mrs. Hiller.
  • Jim Toller as Bill Cobbs
  • As a self-defense teacher, Bruce A. Young
  • Bruce French as Owner of a Home
  • Ruben Madera as Teddy
  • As a fake FBI agent, Dan Martin
  • Jeff Kober as Fake FBI Agent (John Boy)
  • As a fake FBI agent, Brent Sexton
  • Michael Byrne as Desk Sergeant

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Release Date

Enough was supposed to come out in September 2001, but it didn’t come out until “early” 2002. On May 24, 2002, it came out. The movie made money, even though it cost $38 million to make. After its first week, Enough made over $14 million and was No. 5 on the American Box Office chart. It was shown in 2,623 theatres. The next week, it made $6.8 million and fell to No. 7 at the box office. After its third week, it made $3.7 million and fell to No. 9. In the end, Enough made $40 million in the United States and $51.8 million worldwide.

The Home Media

On October 8, 2002, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment put Enough on DVD in both English and French with subtitles and Dolby Digital sound. On March 4, 2003, a VHS version of the book came out. On September 16, 2003, a special widescreen edition with an aspect ratio of 2.40:1 came out. It could also be played in Spanish. It has a lot of extras, such as “Strip Joint Break In,” “Enough Is Enough,” and “Krav Maga: Contact Combat,” which are three scenes that were cut from the movie. The “Alive” music video by Jennifer Lopez is also included. During a documentary called “Max on the Set: Enough” about the making of the movie, Jennifer Lopez said that she was interested in Enough because it was “like a female Rocky.” Cynthia Fuchs from PopMatters wrote a detailed review of the special edition DVD release. She said, “It’s not clear why this movie needs a second DVD release, other than the fact that it seems to be a law that you can never have enough or even too much J-Lo.”

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