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Emotional Damage Meme: The Most Trending Meme Across the Globe!

emotional damage meme

Emotional Damage alludes to a clasp of YouTuber and comic Steven He frustratedly tossing a shoe and saying in a thick Asian pronunciation “emotional damage!”

The clasp turned into a predominant response to cuts showing somebody getting possessed or being emotionally damaged, both unexpectedly and unironically, soon after being transferred in September 2021.

The clasp turned out to be especially promoted on TikTok, where clients append it to the furthest limit of video cuts where one individual in the clasp might have encountered emotional damage.

‘Simple, Medium, Hard and Asian’: The Starting Points of the Viral ‘Emotional Damage’ TikTok Meme

In a moving meme on TikTok, the sound from a clasp of an Asian man shouting “emotional damage” has been matched with a huge number of recordings for comedic impact.

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The man behind the meme is Chinese Irish comic and entertainer Steven He, who has multiple million supporters on YouTube, where the “emotional damage” cut began.

In a well known TikTok meme, makers fasten together recordings with a clasp of Chinese Irish entertainer and entertainer Steve He hollering “emotional damage!”

The first video has gathered very nearly 12 million views since it was first transferred in September, as of this composition. The now renowned sound byte happens around the 1:07 imprint.

In the video, the humorist envisions a computer game with an extra degree of trouble that outperforms Easy, Medium and Hard: “Asian.” While playing on “Asian” mode, the player character experiences a “Level 1,500,000 Boss Aunty” who inquires, “Steven, when you get so fat?” The person in this way bites the dust from “emotional damage.”

On TikTok, the pattern has taken on another life for the most part as a result of the record @emotional__damage, which posts clasps of individuals getting simmered and join them with He’s currently well known “emotional damage” line. The record has in excess of 550,000 adherents.

He recently showed up in Awkwafina’s Comedy Central show “Nora from Queens” and has been engaged with film creations as well as shows in the UK and China. He has multiple million YouTube supporters.


On December twentieth, 2021, TikToker @liamkearney263 posted a video of Billie Eilish discussing how in the event that you give a terrible person an opportunity he “thinks he governs the world,” trailed by a youngster calling her out for utilizing autotune, then, at that point, the clasp of He hollering “emotional damage,” acquiring north of 13 million perspectives in about a month.

On December 22nd, TikToker @emotional..damage, a record devoted to the response cut, posted their most memorable video, connecting it to film of a dish fight among Siri and a man, acquiring more than 180,000 perspectives in about a month (displayed underneath, left).

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The following day they posted a video of an entertainer at Disney World playing Gaston calling a lady monstrous, acquiring north of 25 million perspectives in a similar range of time.

Who Says Emotional Damage?

Makers of a renowned TikTok meme set up films that incorporate film of Chinese Irish entertainer and entertainer Steve He yelling “emotional mischief!”

As of this composition, the first video has around 12 million views since it was at first delivered in September. Around the 1:07 imprint, the now-popular sound byte shows up.

In the video, the comic envisions a computer game with a trouble level above Easy, Medium, and Hard: “Asian.”

While playing in “Asian” mode, the player faces a “Level 1,500,000 Boss Aunty,” who says, “Steven, when did you become so fat?”

The Person Bites the Dust Because of “Emotional Mischief.”

On TikTok, the craze has taken on new life, because of the record @emotional damage, which distributes film of people being simmered and join them along with He’s presently renowned “emotional damage” comment.

In excess of 550,000 individuals follow the record.

He recently partook in Awkwafina’s Comedy Central satireNora from Queens” and film and theater projects in the United Kingdom and China.

He has just about 2 million YouTube supporters.

Meme Spreading

On December 20, 2021, @liamkearney263 transferred a video of Billie Eilish discussing how in the event that you allow a monstrous individual an opportunity, he “thinks he runs the world,” trailed by a young person calling her out for utilizing autotune, then the recording of He yelling “emotional damage,” getting more than 13 million views in about a month. This is the principal known reaction film.

TikToker @emotional..damage, a reaction cut account, delivered their presentation video on December 22nd, adding it to a Siri broil war, procuring north of 180,000 perspectives in about a month The next day, a video of a Disney World entertainer depicting Gaston calling a woman terrible acquired more than 25 million views.

@emotional damage and @emotional..damage sent off on December 25, acquiring 905,000 and 130,000 supporters in a month. @emotional damage[6] presented a meme on December 28 that collected 18.7 million perspectives in a month .

A subtitled depiction existing apart from everything else became well known in picture macros in January 2022. Instagram client old jokes reused the image as a meme on January 12, 2022, getting 1,900 preferences in six days . On January 13, Instagram client not supported transferred a GIF meme using the image, getting more than 50,000 perspectives and 2,200 preferences in five days ).

1441 Weirdo What’s with my 2017 photograph? I’m ordinary. You look awful. emotional damage Product Font Sleeve Suit Asked how HR affects me. @notSHRMapproved Sleeve Knee Comfort Font.

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Steven delivered a new comedic sketch on January 17, 2022, depicting a similar job in “emotional damage” and rehashed the expression on numerous occasions to teach watchers about emotional damage. It acquired north of 833,000 perspectives in less than a day.


What Is the Meme Emotional Damage From?

The renowned succession happens after the Asian Dad gets offended by a supervisor called ‘Aunt‘ while playing the “Asian” trouble mode, hence causing ‘Emotional Damage’ and killing his in-game symbol. The short clasp has circulated around the web across TikTok.

Damage’s Meaning Could Be a Little More Obvious?

Emotional damages can be the psychological repercussions of actual injuries like a mind injury that prompts neglect, or instabilities brought about by long-lasting scars, or actual responses that come from emotionally charged situations.

How Cause You Utilize Emotional Harm?

All you want is a clasp of somebody being embarrassed, whether it’s you or somebody you know. Commonly, the embarrassment includes a light affront. When you have a clasp that functions admirably, you should simply accept the emotional damage clasp and add it to the furthest limit of your video.


Broadly utilized by meme generators online as a response picture via web-based entertainment, this meme comes from a screen capture of entertainer Steven He.

In the first clasp, he yells “Emotional damage!” in a thick emphasize prior to tossing his shoe. Numerous famous memes have been made utilizing this picture to depict circumstances when the activities of others are to your weakness.

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