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Emmy Awards Will Be Different This Year With More Nominees In Comedy And Drama Categories


David Mudd

This year Emmy Awards will be a little different from the old ones. Tha changes are in the number of nominations. All the changes were announced officially by Grammy organizers on Wednesday. After all, this time comedy and drama genre nominations will include 8 total number of nominations. Besides, it will be regardless of the number of submissions.

However, this not the only change the Acadamy Awards made. The number of Television series is increasing day by day. To support these artists and creators out there, it is a needed update. The number of nominees that can be selected in other categories also got changed. Beyond all these, there was a 15 percent increase in the nomination list. So, the organizers of the award decided to make the nomination limit according to the number of nominations.


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Each and every category selected in this way. The increase happened because of the number of independent creators too. So, the Academy Award Chairman and CEO Frank Scherma. After all, some of those series on the list released during the pandemic through the Internet. The award is all set to get into the hands of actors and crews on Sept Sunday, 20.