Emma Selling Sunset Dating: Who Is Emma’s Boyfriend on Selling Sunset?


David Mudd

After watching all 10 brand new episodes of the Selling Sunset series five in one sitting, if you are anything like us, you surely have a thousand questions regarding the drama that took place, and you just NEED the answers to those concerns.

Take for instance the question of whether Vanessa Villela truly did travel to London for love. After THAT purported act of bribery, did Christine Quinn end up losing her job? And most importantly, does her hunky client Micah McDonald know that Emma Hernan is interested in him as a potential boyfriend?

Well, now that the first-ever reunion episode has been released (it will be available on Friday, May 6), we finally have the answers to the questions that matter the most.

The most recent season followed Emma as she went on a mission to find love, during which she even filmed what appeared to be communications exchanged with Ben Affleck, an actor in Hollywood. However, viewers were also excited for her growing romance with Micah, a property developer.

Their sexual connection was obvious to viewers as they enjoyed a romantic hot tub date in a beautiful home in the hills, despite the fact that Emma and Micah admitted in the previous episode that they’d like to be friends before seeing where their romance goes.

Is it safe to assume that Emma and Micah are dating now that the show is wrapped?

Is Selling Sunset’s Emma Hernan still dating Micah?

At the beginning of this month, Emma, who is now 30 years old, stated on Entertainment Tonight, “We’ve become closer. However, it is in that general vicinity. So, we’ll see. Perhaps at the end of season 6, there will be a ring or label. Who is to say?

In the fifth season, Emma’s feelings for Micah were so obvious that the real estate agent even introduced him to her co-star and best friend Chrishell Stause with the purpose of getting some professional guidance.

HOWEVER, on the show devoted to the reunion, host Tan France posed the subject of whether or not anything else had developed between the two of them.

“I mean, our relationship was definitely more on the playful side, and I’m aware that everyone is on team Micah and Emma because I’ve heard it a lot. He is a friend worth having.”

It would appear that our relationship will be one of friendship for the time being.

Is Emma Hernan, from Selling Sunset, getting back together with her previous boyfriend?

You’ll remember from the fourth season of Selling Sunset that Emma and Christine Quinn have a common ex-boyfriend named Peter Cornell, who is an agent for the Oppenheim Group. In case you missed it, the two of them dated each other in the past.

Tan France was quick to inquire about what was going on during the reunion concert after recent images were published in the media that showed Emma and Peter together.

Emma said: “I don’t have to answer to anyone because I’m not in a relationship right now because I’m free to date whomever I want, whether it’s Micah or a new person I’m seeing. I’m having the time of my life. I’m living my best life.

“It’s possible that I’ll see my former partner.

“Please allow me to explain something: first and foremost, neither one of us is in a relationship. Since I broke off the engagement, we have not been dating each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Nevertheless, I went back for seconds and had a second helping both times. That doesn’t mean that we are dating each other; in fact, I may go out on a date tomorrow and end up marrying that person.”

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