Eminem Dating History: Who Is He Dating Now?


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Marshall Bruce Mathers III, professionally known as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is being credited for popularizing hip hop in middle America. He is considered as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

Eminem’s work has left such great influence in the rap world that today all the people are not only aware of hip hop culture but also follow it.

There is no doubt about the fact that Eminem is all time favorite rappers of all but do you know he has gained attention from his dating life as well. Today, we will discuss about Eminem Dating History. Here’s what we know.

Eminem Dating History

Eminem Dating History

Kimberly Anne Scott (2006–2006, 1999–2001)

Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott began when they were in high school (Eminem was 15, while Kimberly was 13). They met at a house party in the year 1988. As Kim was homeless, Eminem’s mother allowed her entry. They had an on-and-off relationship. On 25 December 1995, Eminem and Kim gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers. They tied the knot on 14 June 1999. However, their relationship ended as they divorced in 2001.

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Eminem’s partner accused him of writing abusive songs about her, Kim. As their relationship not work out and she accused him of being disrespectful after getting fame, Eminem too has made allegations on her. Kim was caught kissing Eminem’s fellow rapper, John Guerra so he attacked Guerra. Guerra later filed a lawsuit. Kim’s husband was sentenced to two years of probation for attacking him.

Right after their divorce, Kim was romantically linked to Eric Hartter, and welcomed a child, Stevie Laine with him. However In 2006, Kim and Eminem remarried, but they still could not work it out and after 40 days, Eminem and Kim split again. This time the cause of their split was due to an argument following Eminem’s brother.

Kendra Jade (2000)

Eminem was rumoured to be in a relationship with Kendra. They have never accepted their relationship but the didn’t deny either. Kendra is currently married to Lukas Ross.

Joy McAvoy (2001)

Joy McAvoy and The American rapper was hooked up with Joy on August 2001. They were spotted kissing and getting too cozy with each other. She once admitted that she has spent a night with him. However, they have never said even a single word regarding their relationship.

Brittany Murphy (2001-2002)

Eminem and Murphy shared a close friendship that made fans wonder about whether they were dating. Murphy shared that they had a short term thing. Brittany died in 2009.

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Mariah Carey (2002)

Eminem was rumoured to be dating Mariah Carey. He confirmed that the duo dated for about six to seven months. However, Carey denied dating rumors. The two have released songs dissing each other. Eminem’s song, “The Warning”, tells about their relationship, on the other hand, Carey’s song “Obsessed Mariah’s” track, Carey tells about a man who stalked her, the man dresses and looks like Eminem.

Karrine Steffans (2003)

They were rumored to be in a relationship but none of them confirmed their relationship.

Kaya Jones (2002 – 2003)

Kaya Jones is a Canadian singer and model. Her name has been linked to Eminem but they have never released any confirmation regarding their dating.

Tara Reid (2004)

Reid and Eminem began dating in 2004. Nobody knows the cause of their split.

Nicky Minaj (2018)

Nickey Minaj and Eminem made fans believe that they were dating. In May 2018, a fan asked Minaj on her Instagram whether she was dating Eminem, and she answered “yes”. Eminem was seen in a video asking his fans that he should date her.

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However, it all turned out to be joke. Nicki also joked about their first date that could be held in a studio.

Eminem Dating History

Who Is Eminem Dating Now?

The American Song writer is currently single and not dating anyone. Who knows if he is hiding his relationship from public eye. Well, nothing can be hidden from us, so if there is any information regarding his dating life comes out, we will definitely make sure to keep you updated with it. Stay in touch.


Professionally known as Eminem is an American rapper, songwriter who has dated several beauties in his life. He has earned big name in music indutry with his work. He is credited for bring Hip Hop culture. Many celebrity women’s name have been link to him, romantically, he admitted some of dating rumors and denied some. His current dating remains single, We will update if he again starts dating someone.

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