Emilia Clarke Jason Momoa Dating?


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Jason Momoa, better known as Aquaman, has been in the news for quite some time, but not because of the films or television shows he has been working on, but because of his personal life, in which he is said to be in a relationship with Emilia Clarke.

Jason and Lisa Bonet have ended their relationship, and many have pointed the finger at Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke for their split. It is well known why Jason and Lisa decided to part ways, and the fact that they married only a year ago almost confirms the storey of Jason and Emilia dating.

Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke first appeared together in public when Jason posted a series of photos on Instagram with Emilia captioned “Moon of my Life”, the photos were taken at the birthday party of Game of Thrones creator David Benioff and were a type of mini-reunion so it was expected that the love birds from the series would be present, Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke played lovers Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen on the series and that is Even more than that, Emilia has always praised Jason, stating that while filming Game of Thrones, Emilia was required to perform some nude scenes, which was difficult for her because she was only 23 at the time. However, Emilia stated that Jason has always taken good care of her and is a very kind human being, stating that after filming a scene, Jason would quickly call for a bathrobe so she could cover herself, demonstrating the kindness of Jason.

Emilia Clarke Jason Momoa Dating

Emilia had two life-threatening aneurysms while filming for Game of Thrones, which shocked the fans, and Emilia has stated in various interviews that Jason was by her side during that tough time. Jason was also there for Emilia when she was suffering from health concerns.

In 2005, Jason began dating Lisa. There were speculations that the couple married in 2007, but the news only became public in 2017 after 12 years of dating. The couple has two children, who are now in their thirties.

They announced their split in January and requested that the media respect their privacy during this time. Things that have also come to light are that Jason has moved out and is now living with Emilia, fans are upset with Emilia for the couple’s separation after a more than a decade-long relationship, Jason is stressed out as a result of the separation, and all signs point to the fact that all the rumours about Jason and Emilia are true.

Emilia has also had some difficult relationships, including one with another Game of Thrones actor, Kit Harington, which she had while filming the show. To see how this plays out, all of the news and reports are pointing to their relationship, but we shouldn’t make any assumptions until they themselves say something.

The reality is that Emilia and Jason are not dating, no matter how much Game of Thrones fans would like them to be.

Jason was previously married to Lisa Bonet, and he has spoken frequently about his “love and admiration” for his former co-star and on-screen wife, whom he met while working on the show.

On August 15, the actors and Game of Thrones co-creator David Benioff reunited for a mini-reunion to commemorate the birthday of Benioff, which drove fans into a frenzy.

Both actors posted photos from the event to their Instagram accounts.

Jason appears to be literally sweeping the Mother of Dragons off her feet in Emilia’s photograph.

But it was Jason’s photo that got people talking – as in it she is seen sitting on his lap, with the actor writing next to the snap: “MOON OF MY LIFE. You are wonderful, and I will cherish you forever.”

Jason Married?

Emilia and Jason aren’t dating, no matter how many Game of Thrones fans might like it.

As a former spouse and co-star of Lisa Bonet, Jason has frequently spoken of his “love and respect” for the actress.

On David Benioff’s birthday, on August 15, the two reunited for a mini-reunion that sent fans wild.

On Instagram, both stars posted photos from the event.

Jason looks like he’s about to sweep the Mother of Dragons off her feet in Emilia’s photograph.

In the end, it was Jason’s photograph that drew the most attention because she is pictured sitting on his lap, with the actor writing underneath the photograph: “”MY PERSONAL MOON. I will always love and cherish you.”

Emilia Clarke About

Emilia Clarke Jason Momoa Dating

Emilia is assumed to be single at the time of writing.

Her most recent relationship was with film director Charlie McDowell, however it ended in 2019 after only a year of being together.

Prior to him, she was in a relationship with Australian actor Jai Courtney.

She began dating Seth MacFarlane in 2012, however the relationship ended in 2013.

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