Elon Musk Posts a Hot Picture of Amber Heard Dressed as Angelic Overwatch!



Elon Musks new autobiography, which is called “Elon Musk: The Autobiography,” says that his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, who is 37 years old, once dressed up as Mercy from the video game Overwatch, and he used Twitter to prove it. In response to tweets about the memory, the 52-year-old CEO of Tesla posted a picture of the actor in a white angel costume with a bodysuit and wings. He called the memory “awesome.” “She did put on a Mercy costume. He wrote, “It was great.”

In the picture, the beauty had her blonde hair up and looked straight at the camera. She was wearing a black necklace and her head was surrounded by a gold crown. The costume also had parts that were yellow and gray, and there were black straps around her legs. check amber transformation here.

In 2017, Elon and Amber went out on and off for a year. After her split from Johnny Depp, which made headlines, they got together. In the new book about Elon, written by Walter Isaacson, he talks about how Amber made the Mercy outfit after Elon told her she looked like his favorite character, Mercy.

Elon Musk Posts a Hot Picture of Amber Heard Dressed as Angelic Overwatch!

So, she spent two months designing and ordering a full outfit so she could play a role for him, Walter wrote in an excerpt that the Daily Mail found.

Even though Amber worked hard on the outfit, the book says Elon’s brother Kimbal and some of his friends didn’t like how he was dating her. An excerpt received by the Times of London said, “[Kimbal] and his friends hated her with a passion that made their dislike for Justine [Wilson, Musk’s first wife] pale.”

“It’s a shame that he falls in love with people who treat him badly. “They’re beautiful, no doubt, but they have a very dark side, and Elon knows they’re dangerous,” Kimbal said straight in the biography.

Amber may have also talked about how much she loves Elon in the book, which came out on Tuesday. “I love him very much,” she told him. “Elon loves fire, but it hurts him sometimes.”