Ella Mai Boyfriend: Just a Single Individual Affirmed It!


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VIPs are nearly consistently at the center of attention, either on red rugs, at press occasions, or with paparazzi. Be that as it may, while some big name couples are in every case glad to impart their love to the world through virtual entertainment, others love to hold it unnoticed.

Ella Mai and Jayson Tatum fall under the last option. The pair has been together for north of three years regardless gets everything far from the spotlight.

A certain vocalist entered the spotlight when the internet was going full bore, and individuals viewed her as one of the most mind-blowing RnB artists on the planet.

Notwithstanding her shining career, many are curious about her confidential life. Things being what they are, who is Ella Mai, and does she have any boyfriend? We should uncover it.

John Wall and Ella Mai!

Allow us to start with the main relationship that took the public’s consideration. Ella Mai’s name entered the public’s soul when she showed up in John Wall’s video on his Instagram account.

The previous Washington Wizard monitor nonchalantly shook his head on top of the tune. It appeared as though he was attempting to alleviate his heart in the wake of being outflanked and surpassed by Toronto Raptors in the 2018 End of the season games.

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Numerous viewers saw it prior to raging in to figure out who this young lady was. Viewers at last realize that it was Ella’s music that had been reverberating in John’s vehicle. The video likewise made Ella’s fans suspicious of the relationship between the ball player and Ella.

At the point when the video emerged, John and Ella were the two strangers. In any case, after Ella knew and saw the video, Ella started to foster affections for John Wall. The smart way and boldness of John Wall convinced Ella to get to know him more.

Ella Mai Boyfriend

John and Ella got along, and they at last turned into a couple. A few fans got the pair together in a portion of the NBA games that year. John even two or three tickets for him and Ella.

Be that as it may, the relationship didn’t keep going long, and the dalliance at last self-destructed. We might in all likelihood can’t be sure if love entered the conflict during their excursion together, or maybe it was just a basic fellowship that got an off the mark situation.

Ella Mai and Kehlani: A Sister-Complex Relationship?

One thing to note is that Ella Mai is one of the best artists from Britain. With that, no big surprise many are connecting her with some high-profile artists. One of them stood apart when the internet’s agents accused her of dating Ella Mai.

She is Kehlani, an American-conceived vocalist who came in as Ella Mai’s previous critical other. The reports started when a blog posted a case that Kehlani and Ella were for sure a couple. The site snapped a picture from Ella’s Twitter account and used it as proof for their show.

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The photograph was a selfie from Ella with Kehlani sincerely sitting on her lap. The pair, apparently partaking in the occasion, shut their eyes before Ella snapped the photo.

Notwithstanding, Kehlani followed it by tending to the bits of hearsay by saying they were all bogus before sarcastically remarking on the reports.

“It wasn’t accurate. I considered Ella like my sister, and we are not dating. It was a photograph taken during our visit the previous year. That is to say, how could you trust online journals? Is it already when news is getting more slow?” Kehlani tweeted in 2018.

In this way, Ella and Kehlani partake in their relationship as individual artists and dear companions.

Ella Mai Boyfriend

Has Ella Mai Tracked Down Her Ideal Boyfriend Now?

Presently, dear readers, the story of Ella Mai attempting to find a reasonable boyfriend is as yet continuous. Assuming that you are pondering which of the two relationship stories we liked, we can’t prevent that the dauntlessness from getting John Wall figured out how to prevail upon Ella as well as us too.

His bluster might have waited in Ella’s psyche, so she chose to date another expert b-ball player.

From her experience, Ella then voyaged and found that one player from the Boston Celtics aroused her curiosity. It was obscure when the pair started to meet with one another nonchalantly; nonetheless, in early 2022, a few fans detected the Celtics’ forward, and the Britain conceived went to a party to celebrate the fourth of July.

The “couple” followed the trips by watching Travis Hurry’s show in Coney Island. After two significant public visits, no big surprise that the fans started to suspiciously interface Jayson Tatum as Ella Mai’s true boyfriend.

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The fans likewise discovered Jayson and Ella going to Michael Rubin’s White Party in Hampton, Virginia. An exclusive party visited by the as of now most sultry couple? Indeed, it isn’t is business as usual that it filled the hypotheses much more.

In any case, regardless of how huge our craving to see Jayson announce that Ella Mai is without a doubt his girlfriend, some are wary that the relationship would keep going for a really long time. Their contention? Neither Jayson nor Ella posted a solitary post about it on their virtual entertainment accounts.

Jayson Tatum’s Been Ella Mai’s Reputed Boyfriend Since 2020!

Mai, whose career started in 2014 when she joined “X Factor” as a piece of the threesome singing gathering Arize, sought after a performance career and released tunes on SoundCloud. After DJ Mustard found her, she endorsed with 10 Summer Records and Interscope Records.

While the team is notoriously confidential about their sentiment, actor Michael Blackson affirmed Mai and Tatum’s relationship.

Ella Mai Boyfriend

She focused on her career for a long time however, in 2020, stood out as truly newsworthy for her supposed love life. She and Tatum originally started dating reports in October 2020 after the honor winning vocalist shared a photograph in Tatum’s home.


How the team met is obscure, yet Tatum is the primary man freely connected to the artist. In the mean time, Jayson Tatum was in a relationship with Samantha Amos and Toriah Lachell during the 2010s. The competitor imparts a child to Lachell named Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr.

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