After 2 Decades, Will There Be Elfen Lied Season 2?



Anime is always a mode of entertainment for the people. A large number of the population are crazy over these animated characters. Some fans are always dying for these, whether it be an action anime or a romantic anime. Now, talking about the anime, I know most people have themselves searched or come up with it but there is no denying the fact that a large number of people are there because of the hype but stayed because of the talent. Well, whatever the reason, I would welcome those people in this beautiful community. Today, we’ll be discussing a brief about one of the oldest and most famous anime, Elfen Lied. 

The anime has been there for more than a decade and is responsible for attracting the eyes of a lot of anime lovers. The show is full of violence and there is no wrong to say that this show has motivated a lot of creators to release their anime. In today’s article, I’ll share with you all the things related to this anime series. 

We will be further discussing season 2, which has not been announced for a long time. People are still waiting for the season and hoping it will be announced very soon. 

Elfen Lied: Everything You Need to Know!

Elfen Lied Season 2

A Japanese anime series that was initially released back on 25 July 2004 on the AT-X network. Initially, like every Japanese anime series, this one is also based on a manga series that was well created by Lynn Okamoto and who is also the illustrator of this show. The manga series started to release on Weekly Young jump. The first volume was released in June 2002 and soon after the release, it started to become popular among the people. Now, the series ended in August 2005. 

After the manga series got a name around the industry. The Arms Studio and Guts Studio decided to launch the visual animation of this series. The first season consisted of 13 episodes in total and it was a hit among the people.

Now there are already 18 years passed after the end of the season first. As the number of anime viewers increases, the demand for season 2 also increases significantly. Now, looking back at this series, everyone is looking for the second installment. Now, is it happening? We will find out this in the next section. 

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Elfen Lied Season 2: Is it Confirmed Or Not?

Elfen Lied Season 2  The second installment of this series was always in demand for the second season of this anime. The first season came out on  25 July 2004 and ended on October 17, 2004. The series ended on a suspense note and people were looking to know what happened later in the series. As the series had already ended on a cliffhanger and normally a series completed its suspense at least. 

But it’s been 18 years already and there are no updates regarding season 2. The studio has not renewed the second installment of Elfen Lied. Neither this series is renewed nor the series is canceled, so we can’t comment on anything. 

Elfen Lied is an amazing series that offers a great storyline. It’s such a shame for the Arms Corporation not to work on the show. Lately, we have been seeing many old series coming to their renewal phase, this might excite the studio to work for Elfen Lied too.

There are many series that got renewed after so many years. Well. there is never a no for an anime series. So far now, there is nothing to say regarding the second season. If anything happens, I’ll update this section for you. Bookmark this page to get updated regarding your favorite anime series. 

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Elfen Lied Season 2 Release Date: When it is going to Premiere?

Elfen Lied Season 2

The release date of Elfen Lied isn’t announced yet. Even the series is not confirmed by the studio. The insiders or the creators have not released anything about whether the series will ever happen or not. 

Unfortunately, the studio has not yet considered the series to be renewed. It’s been more than 18 years since the anime was released and sadly, there have been no updates from the Arms Corporation side. The studio has already left the show on a cliffhanger, which gives them enough reason to work on the show. Besides this, the series has remained one of the popular shows for the audience. It’s been almost 2 decades but the fans are still there, hoping to get a renewal. 

But if the production of this series starts this year then we might see the anime show in 2023 or 2024. The release date of this series is not yet confirmed and fans are already curious to know what will happen to the series. If there will be any updates then I’ll update this section. 

Elfen Lied Season 2: Is it Canceled? 

It’s been a long year and people have gradually shifted towards other means of entertainment. Of course, a person can’t wait so long for a series but there is a little spark inside every fan of Elfen Lied who wanted to watch the second installment. But the studio hasn’t canceled the series yet and there is still a little hope left inside everyone. As the number of anime increases significantly, the series started to look more into this series. 

Well, I don’t know how much time the series will take but one thing that I can tell you is that the series will be back for sure. There are also many series that are left after the release of one season. Like the famous series Watamote, which was a great success and people thoroughly enjoy watching it but there is no second season. 

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What are the ratings of this show?

With 100% of rotten tomatoes, the show is an amazingly hit among the people. Not only this but also the critics have appreciated this show. came out with a rating of 8.7/10. 

Now, coming to the audience rating summary of this show which is 4.6 stars. 

Is Elfen Lied a Good Anime Series?

If you are new to this show and want to know whether the series is for you or not then I’ll explain it here. The show is full of violence, dark fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction. Now, if you are a fan of this kind of anime then this should be your go-to anime. The show contains 13 episodes and each episode gets more interesting as you go ahead with the episodes.

If you are someone who wants to try a different series then Elfen Lied should be something that you should completely trust. The amazing ratings of this show is evident that the show is something worth checking for.

Talking about the storyline, the story is based on a new human being who is not fully human. They contain some of the changes which are caused by the change in their genes. A point to remember here is that the show has some Graphic nudity which may be inappropriate for the children. 

Last words

The 2000s anime which is already a hit among the people became a coded book to the fans now. The series was launched in 2004 and now after 17 years of release, the series is not here. The show developers have not released season 2 till now. The studio has never said that the series is canceled and people still have hope inside their hearts. Many Japanese series have already taken their inspiration from Elfen Lied and it has also served as a motivation for manga lovers. I don’t think that there is a plan for the future updates of this series but we never know. No matter how long the release takes, I’ll remember to update this for you 🙂

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