Elemental: Disney, Pixar Animated Movie is All Set to Release This Summer?


Aditi Deshinge

The Pixar movies are always great in visualizing audience new and exciting worlds. They can greatly introduce superheroes are exists and on the other hand, they can also visualize the monsters that live in our closet world.

They have been also introduced rein to our own familiar surroundings with all new perspectives. This had been shown in movie the Toy Story.

The latest production of Pixar Pictures which is Elemental is going to be distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. This upcoming movie by Pixar has already gained a lot of popularity among its audience. The fan’s studios are interested to watch this movie since its concept art had released.

elemental movie

We are here to share everything about the Elemental movie which is confirmed so far. What will be the story of the movie? And we will also share about the efforts taken by Pixar to make this movie. But we should start with when you can watch this movie.

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What is the Release Date of Elemental?

Pixar had already released two of its original movies in 2022. Turning Red was a hit movie with critics and audience appreciation. This was released in March 2022. This movie was dropped on Disney+. In June they released their first theatrical movie Toy Story.

Well, it seems like another most awaited movie for Pixar fans is in order now. Fans are excited about the Elemental movie.

The Pixar Studios’ upcoming film which will be the 27th feature-length movie is going to release on 16th June 2023 on Friday.

Still, we need to wait whether Elemental is going to release in theatres or if it’s going to release on Disney+.

We may assume that we shall see it on the big screen because Lightyear movie had received such treatment. But Pixar’s most of the movies get the stream on OTT after opening weekend. Of course, all these are just speculation. We will get exact news once it gets released.

What is the Plot of the Elemental Movie?

We really do hope that Lightyear’s failure to theatrical release does not cause any damage to the theatrical release of the Elemental movie. The movie is all about elements like water and fire are people.

After getting to know, what the film is about we believe that this movie deserves a release on the big screen.

The story firstly focuses on the relationship between a hot-tempered woman who is fire based and a more free-flowing male who is water-based. The name of fire based woman is Ember and the name of the water-based man is Wade.

They both start to discover that they have more common things with each other. At the moment there is no news regarding who will play the roles.


There is some speculation about the cast that John Ratzenberger will voice the character. He is a cameo from Pixar’s Good Luck Charm. But he is surprisingly absent from Pixar’s last three movies which are Luca, Turning red and Lightyear.

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Who is Directing the Elemental Movie?

Peter Sohn will direct the movie Elemental. According to official sources it’s confirmed that Peter will direct the movie.

He is well known for his animation movies from back in the 2000s. He proved his work at Warner Bros the Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones.

Peter started working with Pixar when he worked as a story artist and production artist for Finding Nemo.

elemental movie

Also, there is another working behind the scenes name Denise Ream. She had produced four Pixar films before Elemental which are Up, Cars 2, Toy Story and The Good Dinosaur. Denise became well known in Hollywood after her production assistance for the horror sequel Curse 2: The Bite in 1989.

Denise is well known as a visual effect producer. She created magic in films like Men in Black, Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001.

What is the inspiration behind the Elemental Movie?

This movie is inspired by Peter Sohn’s childhood. Elemental movie characters are earthly elements which is a totally new concept. Surprisingly, this concept comes from a personal source which is Peter Sohn’s childhood.

Along with the release of concept art and detail of the story Peter Sohn told testimony about how his own experience is shaping into a movie. His statement is as follows-

My parents emigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx. We were among many families who ventured to new land with hopes and dreams- all of us mixing into one big salad of cultures, languages and beautiful little neighbourhoods. That led me to Elemental. Our story is based on the classic elements – fire, water, land and air. Some elements mix with each other and some don’t. What if these elements were alive?”

Knowing this, we found that this story is going to be an epic and fantastic concept. This story makes us more excited to watch the movie.

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Trailer of the movie Elemental is not released yet but you can check the first look of the movie in following video.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the Elemental Movie is Going to Release?

The Elemental movie is going to release on 16th June 2023 in the United States.

What’s the Next Pixar Movie After Lightyear is Coming?

Pixar’s most mysterious movie Elemental is coming out after Lightyear. Peter Sohn is the director of movie. He previously directed the movie The Good Dinosaur. Disney had finally revealed some details regarding Elemental.


The Elemental movie has a very unique and new concept which will definitely attract an audience to watch. The movie will hit the theatres on 16th June 2023.