Eleceed Chapter 247 Release Date, Where to Read And Spoiler!


Arvinda Dixit

You are a keen and devoted manga enthusiast and the proof of this fact is that you are looking here for the 247th chapter of a series, which is quite surprising for someone new to these Japanese Comics.

Manga series is winning the heart of millions of people with its interesting plot and characters in every series. The variety of genres also attracts people to the series. Eleceed has also captivated and amused its audience with its amazing storyline.

So let’s delve deep into the details of Eleceed’s upcoming chapter 247 in this article.

What is the Release Date of Eleceed Chapter 247?

You must be curious to know about the publishing date of the new chapter of your special series Eleceed. There is no wonder to the fact that the series has very beautifully captivated the mind and hearts of its readers.

The search for the premiering date of chapter 247 of the series is finally going to end because the makers have scheduled its release on May 22, 2023, according to our sources. I will suggest you mark the date in your calendar for easy reference.

Hence, try to spare some time to enjoy your favorite series.

Where to Read Eleceed Chapter 247?

Eleceed Chapter 247

The series will be available to you on many websites. But the most reliable ones are Shonen Jump App, Naver, Webtoon, and Viz Media. You will also notice more platforms for this but you should go for the most reliable ones. Moreover, you will also get the English version of the series on these sites.

The websites or apps suggested above may ask you to go for a premium plan or for signing in to get access to your favorite comics. Thus, you can choose it according to your convenience.

Eleceed Chapter 247 – Spoiler

Disappointingly the makers have not released any spoilers as of now. The spoilers will be shared a day prior to the official drop date of the chapter to keep your interest and excitement alive.

But we can easily assume that the series will continue with the same plot and will have the same thrill, excitement, and suspense in its upcoming chapters also.

Eleceed Chapter 247

For your convenience, we will update this section with the original spoiler as and when it is shared by the makers.

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What Happened in Eleceed Chapter 246- Recap?

The last chapter starts with the master visiting Jiwoo. He noticed cats with Jiwoo and asked him the reason behind it. And Jiwoo responds to him by saying that he has animal communication ability which left the master in shock.

She felt sad about the fact that Kayden was persuaded by Jiwoo to be his disciple.

Jiwoo got weak when the elderly lady asked him questions about the cats. He was surprised and also in a state of confusion after seeing the curious nature of the lady.

The lady’s remark on Kayden being a dog led to her attention toward cats with Jiwoo. This also scared Jiwoo as Kayden was with him in reality as a cat and the lady might have unraveled this mystery with her inquiries.

She even asked Muse to keep an eye on Jiwoo. Let’s see what turn the story will take and how Jiwoo, the protagonist of the story will tackle the situation.

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To conclude, the manga series Eleceed is soon going to drop its new chapter 247 for its audience. The spoilers for this upcoming chapter have not been released yet by the makers. The series will follow the same story where it ended in the last chapter.

Continue to follow our website for any new updates or information in this context and don’t forget to bookmark our website for your convenience and future reference.